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Lefina: Kirkus’ plan turned out to be beyond what we expected…

Sean: Not only does he plan to use Terius as a puppet ruler, but he means to unify the entirety of La Gias…

Lune: He may bring peace La Gias if his plan works… But he’s still going to start a massive war.

Sean: While his objective is admirable, how he means to go about accomplishing it is the problem.

Ryuusei: And Prince Feil, knowing that, is still helping General Kirkus…?

Yang: He probably realized he can’t get the Shutedonias forces out of the country without General Kirkus’s help. If he doesn’t liberate Langran, then the agenda that comes after that won’t matter.

Kusuha: But… If after the current situation is resolved, and Prince Feil doesn’t allow Prince Terius to ascend to the throne… Won’t that mean the Feil and Kirkus armies will fight?

Sanger: …Correct.

Shine[1]: Though the country isn’t the same, I am also royalty. I understand what kind of meaning these ceremonies have. Even in my Kingdom of Riksent, there were struggles for the throne in the old Common Era, though it never escalated to a full blown war… No matter what Prince Feil decides, there will be people who oppose it. They’ll push him until he gives up the throne, or tell him not to let Lord Terius ascend to the throne… Beyond settling this war, there has to be some reason... Something effecting this extraordinary decision.

Yang: Princess, I think you’re right.

Lune: You’re saying Prince Feil also has some other goal?

Yang: Yeah. After I take you to Seb Shrine, I plan to confirm it with him in person. He should still be in the capital. And I think it’s possible that Masaki and his friends are there, too.

Lune: Why can’t you confirm it via message?

Yang: There’s still too much interference in the Ethernet. It’s still difficult to do long distance communication. Besides, if we don’t secure Seb shrine, you and the other people from the surface won’t have a way to return.

Katina: Since General Kirkus said he was preparing the return spell, wouldn’t one of his subordinates be protecting the place?

Yang: I would think that, but I’m worried about Louzorl’s group. I think he’s helping more people than just the Shutedonias Army.

Lune: Yang Long. I…

Yang: You guys shouldn’t be involved in this any more than you already are. As for the other members of the Steel Dragons, Gennacy and I will search for them, as is our responsibility. It’s for the best that you guys wait at Seb shrine.

Lune: …

*At Seb shrine, on the HK bridge*

Sean: Captain, we’re arriving at Seb Shrine.

Lefina: Nothing’s happened so far…


Eun: Captain! There appears to be a battle in the area of the shrine!

Lefina: Yang Long’s instincts were spot on. All hands, battle stations. Stay on this course, at battle alert level 3[2]!

Chapter 14: Seb Shrine

Soldier: Th-this is impossible!  Th-the Mechanical soldiers are?!

Chiot: Someone gave me their data. For my Avenir, this is a piece of cake[3].  Now die.

*oh noes*

Chiot: I just came here on reconnaissance, but it was really easy to get rid of them, huh. Now, what to do…If I finish the preparations, and go back to the surface ahead of them, Chien and Chienne will get mad…


Chiot: Ah… so they came.

Lefina: All units, deploy!


Sanger: That machine… It’s one of the three that attacked me on the surface.

Kyosuke: Then it’s the third of the Boosted Children…

Bullet: What are the other machines?

Gennacy: Those are the Mechanical Soldier Security Guards for the temple.

Kusuha: Then why did they attack the Elementals of those soldiers?

Yang: The Machine soldiers are unmanned units. It’s possible he hacked them, and is commanding them.

Chiot: Exactly.

Katina: You’re with Chienne and Chien! Who are you?

Sanger: And, why did you attack me?

Chiot: I see no reason to tell you any of that.

Yang: Then why did you come here?

Chiot: I heard there was a way to get back to the surface, so I did a bit of recon.

Yang: Who did you hear that from? Don’t tell me it was General Kirkus?

Chiot: …I’ll tell you it wasn’t a person from Langran.

Yang: …

Chiot: It appears that the information about you guys coming here was the real deal. But since I hate annoying stuff, I’m out of here. See ya.

*Good bye*

Katina: Hey! Wait a minute!


Eun: The Mechanical soldiers are shooting at us!

Kyosuke: They’re out of control.

Yang: If this keeps up, the shrine will get targeted. We have to destroy the Mechanical Soldiers!

Chapter 14: Seb Shrine

Victory: Defeat all Enemies

Defeat: The Hiryuu Custom is destroyed

SR point: Fulfill the Victory Condition in 5 turns.

*battle complete*

Eun: All the Mechanical soldiers have ceased functioning.

Katina: Those kids were employed by the Shutedonias Army. So then who the hell told them about this place?

Russel: And to control the Mechanical soldiers, he would need to have their data already…

Ryuusei: His Kerberion seemed to be fitted for electronic warfare, could he have scanned it in from where he was?

Yang: Or possibly, he heard it directly from Louzorl ….


Eun: Captain, there are Kirkus Army units en route to us. There’s the Galguard,  and some Gadyfuls and Blowels.[4]

Lefina: Galguard? Why is the machine General Kirkus pilots coming this way?


Yang: I don’t think Kirkus would come here. Who’s in the Galguard?

Zash: It’s me, Yang Long.

Yang: Zash! Why are you here?

Zash: I’ve defected from Dad’s army. I want to help the people who feel the same way about Dad’s plan that I do.

Russel: Defected… But you’re the General’s son!

Zash: I’m prepared for it. I have no intention of returning to my father’s command.

Yang: But, Zash…

Zash: …I’ve already decided. I’m going to work with you guys. Is that okay, Lune?

Lune: Huh? You’re asking me? Shouldn’t you be asking Yang Long?

Zash: Um… Aaah, A-anyway, it’s good to be working with you.


Yang: Zash, is this really okay? You’re going to be fighting your own father.

Zash: It doesn’t matter if he’s my father. As a knight of Langran, I want stop what General Kirkus is planning.

Lune: Hmm… You’re pretty cool.

Zash: Y-you think so?

Lune: But not as cool as Masaki.

Zash: Huh? You know Masaki?

Lune: Know? He’s my lover.

Tasuku: Oh? When did that start? How many dates have you been on?

Lune: Dates? How should I know?!

Tasuku: What’s with that anger? If you’re lovers, you should be going on dates.

Lune: Who’s my lover!?

Tasuku: Masaki, right?

Lune: That idiot, he’s not my lover, he’s nothing![5]

Tasuku: What’s going oooonnnn…...

Zash: So right now…If you’re free sometime, um, ah, could you…. honor me with a d-d-d-date?

Lune: Sure.

Zash: Ah, that’s what I thought… sorry to waste your time…

Lune: I said sure.

Zash: Aaaaah?! R-r-r-really?

Lune: After this war is over. But on one condition.

Zash: Say it! Anything is fine!

Lune: Absolutely DO NOT forget about it!

Zash: That’s all? Leave it to me! I’ll make sure it happens, no matter what! Well then, I’ll go report to Colonel Lefina.

Yang: Wait a moment. I’ll go with you.

Lune: Since it’s important, I’ll go too.

Zash: Of course! Let’s go!

Lune: So you say… but you don’t even know which room is the captain’s…

Tasuku: Love at first sight, eh…

Ryuusei: You think so?

Tasuku: I mean, when they met the other day, he talking normally, but now he’s being all soft spoken[6]. Even though he’s older. It seems like the unyielding, masculine spirit of the girl struck him right in the heart.[7]

Bullet: Just like you and Leona.

Tasuku: No no no, Leona and Lune are different, it’s like PTs and Super Robots.

Bullet: I… I’m not sure I get your example.

Ryuusei: I get it…

Bullet: Wait, you get it?

Tasuku: If he had seen Katina first, he probably would have fallen head over heels in love with her.

Katina: I don’t mind that type of guy that much. Though they’re weak at first, once they’ve gone through some training, they become real men.

Russel: D-don’t go after him, he’s just a kid with his whole life ahead of him…

Katina: The fuck’s that supposed to mean?!

Kusuha: But still, I wonder if that promise of a date is a good idea…

Tasuku: I’m guessing Masaki has forgotten dates with Lune a few times. Zash seems a bit spacey, so maybe we should motivate him? It’ll make it more fun to watch.

Ryuusei: Masaki’s pretty clueless sometimes, eh…

Tasuku: (You’re one to talk…)


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[1] This gets messy and uncertain fast, and I’m sorry.

[2] Dude, Naval terminology. I don’t even know, this is all guesswork.


[4] Wat wat and wat

[5] … I… I don’t even… why. WHY TERADA WHY

[6] Oh, plain and polite form discussion in Japanese, you’re… You’re complicated to discuss in English.

[7] Once again, Tasuku, ladies and gentlemen. He makes all the sense in the world, but is a BITCH TO TRANSLATE