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Lune: Scouting on an enemy base from a mountain top… This is real old school[1] reconnaissance, eh?

Yang: Get your head down, Lune. The enemy will see you.

Ranshao, who is a fucking panther: Master.

Yang: I see you’re back.

Ranshao: Sir. There are no other squads in the area. If we can lead them out of the base, we can capture it easily.

Yang: Got it.

Lune: Wh-what’s that? A black panther?

Yang: It’s just a magical construct. Don’t worry about it.

Lune: I am worrying about it! And it talked! Oh… Wait, it’s a familiar?

Yang: Oh, so you know about those.

Lune: Well, I have seen Kuro and Shiro.

Ranshao: I am Ranshao. I’m a servant of Master Yang Long. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Lune: Thanks, Nice to meet you too. I guess there are familiars like you, too.

Ranshao: Yes. I’m based on a mystical beast from ancient China.

Yang: If the base only has that much firepower, we can finish this in one strike.  Let’s go, Lune.

Lune: Okay!

Chapter 3: A Reunion with Beowulf

Elis: The Elemental Lord Granveil… You must have some nerve, walking in here like that.

Yang: If you value your lives, get out of the country now. With your lack of conviction and your Elementals, you can’t win against me.

Elis: Says a solider from the losing side! While you were lollygagging around, our armies already won!

Yang: Hmph. And since you’re that overconfident, you let your Elementals fall into disrepair.

Elis: How dare you!? I’ll rip you from your Elemental Lord, and present it to General Jesuha!

Yang: I see your greed has clouded your judgement.

Elis: Don’t you talk back to me! All units, commence the attack! Don’t let them near the base!

Yang: Lune, The enemy’s coming. Don’t slow me down!

Lune: That’s my line!

Chapter 3: A Reunion with Beowulf.

Victory: Defeat all enemies.

Defeat: Any allied unit is defeated.

SR Point: Defeat the Gildora. It will retreat if its HP falls below 4000.

*On Turn 2*

Ranshao: Master, there’s a robot coming our way. It doesn’t look like an Elemental!

Yang: So it’s a unit from the surface?

Lune: Ah! That’s!

*And in rolls Kyosuke, all nonchalant*

Kyosuke: As I thought, it’s the Valsione. But who’s the other unit?

Lune: Kyosuke! You were summoned to La Gias, too?

Kyosuke: La Gias? The underworld Masaki mentioned?

Lune: That’s right.

Kyosuke: …It seems we didn’t go directly back. So those two are also…

Lune: Huh? What do you mean?

Kyosuke: Don’t worry about it.  I don’t quite understand the situation here. Who’s the robot you’re fighting alongside?

Lune: That’s the Elemental Lord Granveil. The pilot is Huang Yang Long, a friend of Masaki’s from La Gias.

Yang: Who’s he, Lune?

Lune: Lt. Kyosuke Nanbu from the Earth federation. He’s a friend from the surface. He also knew Masaki.

Kyosuke: I’d like to hear more details, but it seems it’s more important to end this battle first.

Lune: So it is. Could you help us out?

Kyosuke: Roger.

*Lune V Elis*

Elis: What’s with that mech?! Why is it so human?! What’s the point of making it look like a girl?!

Lune: I won’t forgive anyone who makes fun of my Valsione!

*Yang Long V Elis*

Elis: Even if it’s against the Granveil, if I can just get an advantage, I should be able to win!

Yang: Even if you somehow manage that, there’s no way you can beat me!

*She goes boom*

Elis: Grr, You bastards! I won’t forget this!

Ranshao: Master, all the enemy units have disappeared from the sensors.

Yang: With this, my current mission is completed. Lune, Lt. Kyosuke, you have my thanks.

Lune: You’re welcome.

Kyosuke: …Sorry to be abrupt, but I’d like an explanation of the situation.

Lune: Yeah… I also want to hear what happened to you.

*end battle*

Lune: So, you were separated from the Steel Dragons…

Kyosuke: It’s a long story, but I was working with Masaki and Ryuusei, and after that it seems I was teleported… or rather, summoned here.

Lune: It’s rare to see you three working together. So, Ryuusei and Masaki are probably here, too.

Kyosuke: Not just them. Considering who the gates have summoned so far, it’s possible our whole squad has been summoned.

Lune: Actually, I was thinking the same thing.

Kyosuke: At any rate, lets gather information.

Lune: Yeah, considering how we were called here out of the blue… Our friends might be in trouble.

Yang: I’d be happy to take you to our camp, but I won’t force you. There’s a lot of risk involved.

Lune: Well, if you say that, we have no choice BUT to go…

Kyosuke: You said your name was… Huang Yang Long. While we gather information about the people summoned from the surface, we’ll cooperate with you.

Yang: If you work with me, you won’t be able to avoid battles with Shutedonias.

Kyosuke: I understand. But I don’t intend to spend the rest of my days in this world.


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[1] Analogue. I sorta get it, but don’t think it translates well.