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Lune: So, where are we going from here, Yang Long?

Yang: To the village of Dank[1]. We have information that says the Shutedonias army is there, so we’re going to confirm that.

Kyosuke: Any recon from the area?

Yang: Not yet.  First, we need to get close, and figure out the enemy’s strength, and if they’re ready to deploy. We’ll decide what to do from there.

Lune: Are we gonna do more mountain top spying? Wouldn’t it be better just to rush in there and get ‘em in one shot?

Yang: …You’re just like Masaki. With that kind of thinking, you’re giving the enemy opportunities to trip you up.

Lune: I haven’t tripped in a long time.

Yang: Still, we’re doing this my way. Let’s head to the edge of the village.


Yang: Ranshao and I are going to scout out the village. You two should wait here.

Lune: Wait a second! Something’s coming from the direction of the village!

Kyosuke: That’s… the Gigan!

Lune: And there’s Gespensts! Could it be Katina’s squad?

Kyosuke: It looks like they’re being followed.

Lune: Yang Long, those three are our friends! Let’s go save them!

Yang Long: We can’t.

Lune: What?!

Yang Long: We still don’t know anything about the strength of the forces in the city. Running in recklessly is dangerous.

Lune: Are you telling us to ignore our friends?

Yang Long: No, I’m...

Lune: You can’t stop us! C’mon, Kyosuke!

Kyosuke: …Right.

Yang Long: They’re so careless…

Ranshao: Master.

Yang Long: What is it, Ranshao?

Ranshao: There is a message for you. Please return to the Granveil.

Yang Long: Right now? Who is it from?

Chapter 4: The Battle for Dank

Russel: Lt. Katina, the pursuers!

Katina: That damn Mustache Samurai![2] He was planning this right from the beginning!

Murata: Hmm... It looks like it’ll be more fun to cross swords with you than fight alongside you.

Tasuku: This guy never planned to negotiate!

Katina: Running in circles like this is fuckin’ annoying! Alright, you bastards, lets fight back!

Tasuku: Got it!

Chapter 4: The Battle for Dank

Victory: All enemies defeated.

Defeat: Any ally united is defeated.

SR Point: Defeat all units except the Garlion Custom “Mumyou” in 3 turns. The enemy will retreat if the Mumyou falls below 6000.

* Turn 2*

Lune: Everyone, we’re here to help!

Katina: Valsione! It’s Lune!

Tasuku: And the Alt’s here too! That means, Lt. Kyosuke also got called here?

Kyosuke: Tasuku, we’ll explain later.

Murata: Oh ho, it’s the Alteisen Risse and the Valsione.

Lune: That Garlion… It’s a mercenary unit working for the Neo DC remnants…

Kyosuke: Meeting him here… I guess it’s to be expected.

Murata: Hmm, if they’re coming too… Heh. I guess being in this other world will be interesting…

*Turn 3*

Lune: Yang Long! Why’d you come?

Yang Long: I came to save you guys. And I brought some support.

Kyosuke: Support?

Gennacy: I am Gennacy I. Kozyrev[3]. My Elemental is Jaohm. Good to meet you.

Lune: We don’t need your help!

Yang Long: Yeesh, are you still going on about what happened earlier? It’s not like I said I wouldn’t help them. If they’re your friends, they can probably take care of themselves… We could have waited until we had more intel on the enemy’s movements, and I was just saying we shouldn’t have been careless.

Lune: Okay, Okay! Save the sermon for later!

*After Murata gets blown up*

Murata: … The ones who hired me are gone. I will take my leave.

*He runs away like a wuss*

Katina: …Well, the chase is over.  Thanks for the help, Kyosuke, Lune.

Lune: It was just good timing. But why were they after you?

Katina: There’s a lot I want to ask you guys, too. Let’s share our information.

Lune: Got it.

*battle scene end*

Lune: If you were summoned in the middle of drills, then it’s probably safe to assume that the Hiryuu Custom and Hagane are here, too.

Tasuku: Katina, Russel, and I all woke up in the same place, but Leona and the rest of them seem to have been summoned somewhere else…

Katina: And in the middle of looking for our allies, we ran into those guys. The Stokodokoys.

Russel: They’re called the Shutedonians, Lieutenant.

Katina: Yeah, those guys. They said they’d protect us if we co-operated with them, but then we saw that samurai Garlion along with their units. It seemed fishy, so we refused, and then they just came at us.

Yang Long: If you’re not an ally, you’re an enemy… It’s a type of thinking that’s easy to fall prey to.

Katina: Whatever the case, I’m glad you guys showed up. And it’s good to see Kyosuke alive and well.

Tasuku: Excell and folks were worried about you, man.

Kyosuke: …Yeah, I can only imagine.

Russel: Um… We really don’t know much about La Gias yet. If you would be so kind, could you give us a more detailed explanation?

Yang Long: Understood. Let’s find an inn in Dank. We can talk about what we’re going to do next, too. Is that okay, Gennacy?

Gennacy: …Yeah.

Katina: Whoa! You were here? You’re like a ninja.

Gennacy: …

Russel: (I think we’re quite alike, he and I…)


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[2] Really.

[3] Wat. Wat is dat name. wat is dat