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Yang Long: The red areas are territories that Shutedonias has claimed. While it looks like they control a lot of area, they only control outposts in most places, and there aren’t many supply lines from outpost to outpost. If we were to sever just one of those lines, they should crumble pretty quickly.

Russel: The blue portions are the parts of Langran that haven’t been invaded, and the yellow is the territory under Kirkus’s command…

Katina: So, we’re right in the middle of enemy territory.

Yang:  There are Langran forces outside of Kirkus’ army who continue to resist, but since the capital was taken over, the communication between the forces has gone dead, so we don’t have too much information.

Kyosuke:  Meaning no one really knows what’s going on.

Yang: But soon, Kirkus’s army will begin its invasion of Troia. Gennacy and I are planning to attack Kueit, to distract the forces located there.

Lune: Where’s Kueit?

Ranshao: Around here.

Yang: Kueit is important for the Shutedonias supply lines. If we strike there, their forces might waver.

Russel: If it’s important to their supply lines… then it may be well defended.

Gennacy: Most likely.

Yang: Lune, What will you do? You won’t be required to participate, but…

Lune: Why would I wait here? I’m going with you.

Katina: Any way you slice it, helping Langran seems to be the fastest way to gather our friends and find a way to the surface. Kyosuke, I’m gonna help Yang Long out here, but what’s your opinion?

Kyosuke: I have no objections.

Katina: It’s decided, then.

Yang: Let’s head for Kueit.

Lune: Are we starting with Recon again?

Yang:  Naturally.

*At the site*

Tasuku: When he said recon, I didn’t think he actually meant peeking in on them… It’s like we’ve traveled to another era.

Lune: Well, it’s what he does. But Ranshao’s useful. He can move carefully and collect intelligence.

Tasuku: I guess with his camouflage, it makes sense…

Ranshao: I have returned, master.

Yang: How was it?

Ranshao: There appear to be Goliaths, Nagrods, and one Sodium Class around.

Tasuku: What do you mean by Sodium Class?

Ranshao: A mobile fortress used to transport on the ground, capable of housing a large number of Elementals inside.

Tasuku: So like a mothership, then.

Katina: We should have the Gigan deal with that, then.

Tasuku: Probably.

Yang Long: Seems like we can stand on even ground with them, then. We’re set.

Chapter 5: Different Justices

Rodney: An enemy attack? There shouldn’t be any Langran army units around here!

Ridge: It looks like… They’re units from the surface and an Elemental lord!

Rodney: An Elemental Lord? Could it be Granveil, the one Lieutenant Radius reported about?

Ridge: Exactly!

Rodney: Well, shoot. He’s gonna be trouble. If he’s around, we’ll have to get that thing ready to be shipped out soon! But there’s so many new mechs from the surface… I guess their side is actively recruiting, too…

Yang: I am the pilot of the Elemental Lord Granveil, Huang Yang Long. Stop your aggressive acts in this country, and leave at once.

Rodney: Aggression… It certainly looks that way.

Ridge: General Jesuha!

Rodney: Oh, uh, no, we won’t do that. It’s been decided what we’re doing is just.

Yang: Just, you say? After supporting terrorism in the capital and starting this war of aggression, you say you’re just?

Ridge: If Langran didn’t use the Elemental Lords, we wouldn’t have felt the need to invade! That kind of weapon shouldn’t exist! In order to protect our country, we did what we had to!

Yang:  The Elementals Lords aren’t weapons designed to invade other countries. They were created to prevent the calamity prophesized for La Gias.

Ridge: That’s just a cover story!

Rodney: That’s enough, Captain Grasnof. Talking about who’s “just” in this situation won’t do anything.  We’re going to fight anyway. I fight to protect my country and my family.  That’s all I need.

Katina: Huh. That old man is pretty cool.

Yang: …I guess conversation is pointless. We’ll settle this in combat.

Rodney: Grasnof, contact the other units. Tell them not to send help.

Ridge: Why? We can’t lose Kueit to them!

Rodney: This is a feint. The main enemy battalion is somewhere else. And beyond that… It’s probably too late.

Chapter 5: Different Justices

Victory: Defeat all enemies except the Sodium Class Mobile Fortress, or lower the Sodium class Mobile Fortress’s HP below 7500.

Defeat: Any allied unit defeated

SR point: Within the Player phase of the 5th turn, destroy all units except the Sodium Class Mobile Fortress.

*finish them*

Rodney: … It’s just as Radius said. They’re really strong. We gotta retreat.

Ridge: B-but!

Rodney: We can’t match up to that Elemental Lord. We need to leave, and find a way to get that thing back later.

Ridge: Y-yes, sir. Retreat!

Katina: You can’t escape!

Yang: There’s no need to follow them. Ranshao, contact General Kirkus.

Ranshao: Understood, master. It might take a bit, because we’ll have to set up the Ether Stream.

Yang: I understand.

Lune: Anyway, Yang Long. What was that you were saying earlier about prophesies and disaster?

Yang: Well, that’s...

Ranshao: Master, I’ve set up a connection with Kirkus.

Yang: …That didn’t take long.


Kirkus: Do you have good news, Yang Long?

Yang Long: Yes. We’ve taken Kueit.

Kirkus: Good job. On our end we succeeded in taking back Troia.

Yang: That’s good. And did you get any information on Queen Monica?

Kirkus: No, only what we already knew.

Yang: I see.

Kirkus: I’ll send the next request for you later. Until then, rest up.

Yang: Rest, you say… Understood.

Kirkus: Well then.


Yang: …

*battle scene end*

Lune: So, What did General Kirkus say?

Yang: He succeeded in taking back Troia. With that, the reclamation efforts will begin in earnest.

Gennacy: What’s our next mission?

Yang: We’re on standby. The General told us to rest for a while.

Katina: Huh, that’s a bit surprising.

Yang: …

Lune: Then let’s continue the conversation from earlier. What’s that calamity?

Yang: In the past, there was a section of the Langran academy that looked into the future and made that kind of prophecy. “A giant evil god will descend upon Langran, and then, all life on La Gias will be eradicated”.

Russel: Evil god…

Yang: After that, to fight that evil god, they started making Elementals and the Elemental Lords.

Tasuku: You’d do all that based off of a single little prophecy?

Gennacy: This world’s prophecies are different from the ones on the surface.

Yang Long: That’s right, here they’re most often true. But if a prophecy predicts something terrible, people can work to change it. And that’s why we made the Elementals and Elemental Lords.

Katina: So, why are people from the surface piloting them?

Yang Long: The weakness of making Elementals that powerful is that if a person without high levels of Prana tries to pilot one, they’ll get dried out, as it were. People in La Gias usually don’t have that level of Prana. So people with high amounts of Prana are called from the surface. That’s why myself, Gennacy, and Masaki were called from the surface to this world.

Kyosuke: What about us?

Yang: I don’t know what’s going on with this round of summons. This time, there are people here summoned along with their machines, like you guys, but there are also people without them, or so I’ve heard.

Lune: That’s right, I did hear that when Masaki was summoned here, he came here with nothing else…

Tasuku: The summons really are different this time, huh.

Yang Long: I don’t know if someone’s plotting something or not… But I don’t think this is an accident.

Katina: What’s that supposed to mean? Sounds like this is gonna get annoying….

Lune: Hey, Yang Long. There’s four Elemental lords, right, so besides Cybuster and Granveil, what else is there?

Yang: The Elemental Lord of Water, Gadess, and the Elemental Lord of Earth, Zamzeed… Both the pilots are people from the surface. But the last pilot of Zamzeed, Ricardo, is no longer with us…

Gennacy: He was a good man.

Yang: Yes. If he were still around, then this situation would be different.

Lune: … There’s a special meaning attached to piloting an Elemental Lord in this world, huh.

Katina: Does that mean that in this world, Masaki is famous?

Yang: …You could say that. He’s also known by the holy name Randall Zan Zenosakis.

Lune: Hmmm, so Masaki’s got a whole different image down here… It’s kinda weird, thinking about it.


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