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*In Kueit*

Lune: Well, what should we do while we wait?

Tasuku: If we have some time, we should look for Leona and the others.

Katina: Right. For now, let’s search in this area. Yang Long, is there anything nearby worth looking into?

Yang Long: Hmm… There’s The Valley of Spores near here.

Tasuku: Spores… like mushrooms?

Yang: They’re on a different scale than the ones on the surface. It’s something you could only see on La Gias.

Tasuku: Hmm… It sounds interesting. Lieutenant, let’s go there.

Katina: What, do you have a hunch? That somehow, our friends will be there?

Tasuku: Well, sorta… I guess.

Katina: Then let’s go. Though lately, your hunches haven’t had a great record.

Tasuku: Ahaha, don’t say that…

Yang: Gennacy, please guide them. I have an errand I need to run.

Gennacy: Understood.

*Somewhere else*

Ranshao: Master, You’re worried about Kirkus, aren’t you?

Yang: Yeah. Why would he tell us to wait, especially now… Right now, we should be performing recon on the enemy forces occupying the capital.

Ranshao: I agree.

Yang: I’ve has my suspicions for a while, but now I’m sure of it. Kirkus is keeping something from me.

Ranshao: Something that would be a problem for you to know…

Yang: I’ll need to confirm this some other way…. Though it’s not something I want to do.


Tasuku: Wow, this place is breathtaking…

Kyosuke: I can see why they call it The Valley of Spores.

Russel: Um… Is it really okay to be out of our mechs?

Lune: We came this far, so we should at least see it with our own eyes.

Katina: Yeah, it’s not like we’re gonna get infected by the spores and become mushroom people.

Lune: It’s really like a fairy tale… This would be a great place for a date.

Tasuku: Yeah, if Leona was here…

Lune: This place seems really big, so wouldn’t it seem like a good place to hide? Let’s look a bit further in.

Russel: On foot?

Lune: No, in our mechs. There could also be enemies lurking about.

Katina: That’s true… Tasuku, I’ll remember this.

Tasuku: Wh-what, why’s it my fault?!

Katina: Isn’t it obvious? You’re the one who told us to come here!

Tasuku: (She’s the one who decided to come here, though… But I shouldn’t say that.)


Yang Long: …It’s past the arranged time.

Ranshao: You think she’ll really show?

Yang: It is her, after all... I wouldn’t put skipping out past her.

Ranshao: Master, there’s a reading on the radar. It seems like she’s here.


Yang: You’re late, Saphine.

Saphine: Hehe, a good woman always makes her man wait.

Yang: That’s not usually something people say about themselves.

Saphine: So, why did you call me out here? We’re not exactly friends.

Yang: I know that.  There’s something I want to ask you directly.

Saphine: Directly, eh? And what was it?

Yang: It’s about Prince Feil-lord[1]. Is he really dead?

Saphine: You called me out here to ask me that? Isn’t that something you should ask Kirkus?

Yang: Kirkus wouldn’t say anything.

Saphine: Heh, Is that so? Kirkus is hiding it, then? Hehehe.

Yang: What do you mean? Is he alive or not?

Saphine: Hmm, I wonder…

Yang: our earlier exchange, I got nothing. You owe me.

Saphine: Then I’ll tell you. He lives.

Yang: That’s what I thought… So, where is he right now?

Saphine: That’s all you get. Looks like something's headed this way.


Saphine: It seems I wasn’t the only one who wanted to visit you here.

Yang: Wait, Saphine!

Saphine: …He’s in the west. It seems he’s got quite a few schemes of his own… I’m sure you’ll play a part in at least one of them.

Yang (Schemes? What does that mean? But if Prince Feil is alive, and he hasn’t broken his promise… Then…)

Ranshao: Master, there’s a large flying object headed this way!

Yang: It seems Saphine wasn’t lying.

Yang: Is that… The Hiryuu Custom?

Ranshao: Yes, it seems to match the data Lt. Katina gave us.

Yang: So they were summoned here as well… Let’s contact them.

Ranshao: Yes sir.

*he moves*

Sean: It seems like that unknown isn’t going to attack us.

Lefina: Yeah.

Eun: Captain, there’s a reading from the unknown. He claims to be Huang Yang Long, aboard the Elemental Lord Granveil.

Lefina: Elemental Lord…!

Sean: If what he claims is true, then he probably has some connection with Masaki Ando.

Lefina: Let’s confirm it. Eun, please answer the call.

Eun: Roger.

Yang: I’m Huang Yang Long. I suppose you are Colonel Lefina Enfield, commander of the Steel Dragons?

Lefina: ! Why do you know that?

Yang: I heard it from Lune Zoldark and Lt. Katina Tarask.

Lefina: Is that true?!

Yang: Yes. They are currently at the Valley of Spores, not far from here.

Sean: the Valley of Spores… so, the place we just passed?

Yang: It appears you just missed each other.  If you want to meet up with them, please follow me.

Lefina: Understood. Thank you very much.

Chapter 6: The Valley of Spores

Lune: Seems we’ve reached the end of the valley.

Katina: I guess no one was here after all. Let’s head back.


Katina: What’s that?!

*It’s her!*

Elis: To think we’d meet those guys here! Though it looks like that flying ship the scouts were talking about isn’t here.

Katina: It’s the Shutedonias bastards! No one said anything about them! You’re gonna get it later, Tasuku!

Tasuku: Why meeeee?!

Elis: Granveil should be in this area too… Contact Lt. Grenor, and tell him to hurry over here.

Soldier: Yes, ma’am!

Katina: Alright you bastards, let’s get ‘em!

Tasuku: Got it!

Elis: Let’s go!  We’ll get them for the embarrassment they caused General Jesuha earlier!

Chapter 6: The Valley of Spores

Victory: All enemies defeated

Defeat Any allied unit is defeated

SR point: Complete the Victory condition in 5 turns.

*turn 3 reinforcements*

Lune: More enemies?

Gennacy: There’s too many to simply be reinforcements. They probably were on a different mission, and were called to help this squad.

Riciel: That must be the group of surface dwellers Jesuha mentioned. What was he talking about? It seems like a lot of their mechs are of poor quality.

Elis: Lt. Grenor! You show up late, and what’s with that tone?

Riciel: …Please forgive me. (Yeesh, what a bitch. Like I care what you think of me.)

Katina: it’s looking a bit dangerous. Let’s call for Yang Long.

Russel: That doesn’t appear to be necessary, Lieutenant!

Katina: Huh?

Russel: Tasuku’s hunch was right!

*oh hey it's them*

Tasuku: See? SEE? It’s the Hiryuu Custom, boss!

Katina: Well then, your punishment is revoked!

Riciel: What’s that huge ship… It’s even bigger than a Sodium class!

Elis: It’s the surface’s battleship! They’re working with the Granveil! They’re trying to take back Langran?!

Lefina: … I take it that’s the Shutedonias army?

Yang Long: Yes. It appears that Katina’s fears were well placed, and that they were ambushed.

Lefina: Understood. Then we shall also fight. All guns, VLSM, prepare to attack!

Lune: Finding the Hiryuu Custom… Not bad, Yang Long!

Yang: It was just luck. It seems they had just passed over the valley.

Katina: Now that our ship’s back, we have the advantage! Let’s crush ‘em all in one go!

*kill Riciel*

Riciel: N-not bad! I won’t forget this!

*Kill Elis*

Elis: Guh, This again! I won’t forget this humiliation!


Sean: It looks like it’s over.

Lefina: Well then, let’s call in all units. We should hear what happened.


Lefina: I think I understand the situation. It’s good that the Octo Squad is okay. You too, Kyosuke.

Kyosuke: Sorry for making you worry.

Tasuku: So… you still don’t know where Leona or Excellen are?

Lefina: That’s right… When we came here, our engines broke down, so we hid in the Valley of Spores while we repaired them.

Lune: With the Hiryuu Custom on our side, it should be easier to look for Masaki, right?

Sean: But that also means we’ll be involved further in this conflict.

Lefina: That’s right… Until we find out where our missing pilots are, we have no choice but to remain in this world.

Katina: We’re being chased by the Shutedonias army. They really seem intent on getting rid of us.

Tasuku: And we also heard that if the war quiets down, then Langran could send us back to the surface.

Lefina: The Hagane was also most likely summoned here. If we can’t rendezvous with them and return to the surface, we can’t resume our normal duties. And if the Shutedonias army is going to hinder our movements, I think there’s no choice but to fight them.

Sean: Roger, Captain.

Yang: I’m headed for where Kirkus is. There’s a chance that the people there might have heard about others from the surface.

Lefina: We’ll go as well.

Yang: You’re that quick to trust me?

Lefina: Of course. On the surface, Masaki saved us countless times. It’s not like we owe a debt of gratitude to La Gias or anything, but I think that people who pilot an Elemental Lord, like him, are generally trustworthy.

Yang: Thanks for saying so, Lefina. I will lead you to where General Kirkus is.


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[1] I want to translate his name as LORD FAIL LORD. But that’s even worse.