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*grand Christmas*

Nibhal: We’ve received a message from President Hendricks that they will not allow us to avoid our summons to court. I don’t think he can keep control of Congress for too long…. But what do you recommend we do?

Alteur: Hmph, They’re trying to make us act from that faked video…. But Congress no longer matters. Make up some excuse and refuse.

Nibhal: Yes, sir. And we have a reply from Grey. He said he’s already begun his work.

Alteur: Oh. He works fast.

Nibhal: Since you went there, we were able to record Zezernan’s plot unraveling right before his eyes. If he sees that faked video, he’ll make his way here to find out what really happened.

Alteur: Is Grey suspicious, given your past?

Nibhal: He doubts me, certainly. He was in one of those pitiful gangs of nomads, after all.

Alteur: Pitiful…. Hahah, you could certainly say that.

Nibhal: I was once like that. I’m very thankful to you.

Alteur: What about Zezernan?

Nibhal:  I do owe him a favor. After all, he was the one who saved my life.  But I was just a tool to him. Really, that’s the reason Grey was able to become a pipe of information for us. And now that Sir Zezernan’s plots have become exposed, there’s no need for us to intervene further.

Alteur: That’s right.  Now we can focus on the Baral, the Ruina, and the Steel Dragons.

Nibhal: Grand Marshal Gaspard Gillan has rescinded our warrant for their arrest…. That means he’s ready to fight back.

Alteur: He’s trying to use the Steel Dragons to keep us in check… But he can’t send the Federation army directly after us. He wants to use the Gaia Sabers for his own purposes as much as he can. If that wasn’t the case, he would have opposed our formation more fervently.  When the Guests attacked, he wasn’t giving us the credit for stopping it. Yet if he had caught the Steel Dragons much earlier, he probably would have handed them to us.[1]

Nibhal: It’s what a proper military man would do.

Alteur: He’s protecting his position, using the Gaia Sabers as much as he can, and letting the Steel Dragons slow us down… He’s certainly skilled at his job, but he’s doing exactly what I thought he’d be doing.  All that’s left is timing. Send out Alpha.


Egretta: …I don’t understand that order, Papa.

Feff[2]: It’s for Alteur’s plan. Just do it.

Egretta: Why are you so content to work for that man?

Feff: I told you before…. It’s for my larger objectives.

Egretta: …

Feff: I lost everything at the Earth Cradle, even my life…. But when I met Alteur, I saw a way to rise even higher. My plan is coming to fruition thanks to his help. That’s the reason I was able to save you, after you were destroyed by Mitarl’s mistakes.

Egretta: So it’s all thanks to Alteur. But the one thing I really can’t get over… is that reject. Why did that degraded copy wake up and escape? How was he able to stop our pursuit? And why…. Why does he have powers that I, the Originator, do not?

Feff: If you follow my orders, you’ll get closer to understanding.

Egretta: (Maybe he knows the truth…? About what Papa and Alteur are planning….)

*Iti Iti*

Tasuku: Speaking of which, where’s Lune? Did you have her come with you when you came here?

Masaki: She’s with Xenia and Presia keeping watch over Langran.  They made a pretty big fuss about wanting to come with me.

Mio: I’m sure Zash is making his move right now.

Masaki: Well, good for him?

Mio: What? Man, you’re no fun.

Ryuusei: Wheeew, that was awesome.

Bullet: Yeah.

Mio: What’s up?

Ryuusei: Carla showed us around the secret underground base. I was surprised by how many secrets were hidden down there.

Kouta: Yeah, it’s a lot like the BF base.

Ryuusei: There’s a hidden cave with an underwater dock, a hidden catapult, an elevator that fits even Super Robots….

Mio: Is there a pole to slide down and a cave filled with bats?

Ryuusei: [3]No, no secret awesome cars or butlers, either.

Bullet: We saw a hidden passage to the surface, though. Just as a transport ship was coming in.

Tasuku: A transport ship? Have the Double X parts come in?

Bullet: No, I heard it was supplies and the like….

Masaki: But seriously, when did they have the time to fit all that stuff to this base?

Ryuusei: It seems like this was a secret base constructed for the DC under the orders of Professor Bian Zoldark. After the DC wars, construction stopped…. So Ratsel took it over and finished building everything.

Masaki: Huh.


Sean: …You needed to see me?

Aqua: Um…. That Transport ship that just came by…. Did my father arrange that?

Sean: Why do you think that?

Aqua: Because along with the rest of the supplies, there was the makeup, perfume, and vitamins I always use…. They’re not common… and no one else really knows that I like them…

Sean: Well, I’m not saying anything.

Aqua: I see…

Sean: …By the way, Lieutenant. I heard you’re going to continue to fight?

Aqua: Yes, sir. I am able to use the remaining TE Absorber by myself. The way things are right now, I can’t just stay depressed. I’m going to fight for Hugo’s sake as well. (And then…. I can find out what Mrs. Mitte is really after…)

Sean: … I understand. But make sure you come back alive. Plenty of people care about you, you know.

Aqua: …Yes, sir.


Robert: I just finished installing the Tronium onto the Ashe.

Ryoto: It took less time than I expected.

Marion: We have the best staff in the world, so of course it did.

Clifford: …. Well, I have to help with the adjustments to Jinrai. If you’ll excuse me.

Ryoto: So Doctor Clifford was helping as well…

Marion: He helped us with a lot. I figured he only cared about his own units, but I was wrong.

Robert: He reminds me of Professor Radom, back in the day….

Marion: What was that?

Robert: Nothing, nothing. Anyway, we should have the Mk-X’s black hole engine arrive here any minute now, but before that I want some maneuverability data from the Tronium Engine. To make it easier to pilot.

Ing: Okay, I understand.

Robert: Rai, Mai…. You should go with him and teach him how to control the Tronium Engine’s output.

Rai: Roger.

Mai: Got it.

Viletta: Just for safety’s sake… Raul, Ryoto, Rio, and Ariel, go with them.

Raul: Okay.

Rio: By the way, Professor Omiya… Have you thought of the name for the Mk-X yet?

Robert: Yes, I’ve already put it into the Ashe’s computer…. So you’ll just have to wait till it’s finally complete before you find out.

Marion:  It’s… going to make quite a few people groan[4].

Ryoto: Huh?

Robert: It’s the best name Kirk and I could come up with…. Well, in any case, be careful.

Ariel: Roger.

Ing: (…If the Ashe becomes more powerful, then I….)

Mai: Ing…

Ing: …!

Mai: You shouldn’t focus too hard on remembering your past…

Ing: Why do you…

Mai: I don’t remember my past either… And I know it’s only painful memories I’ve lost….

Ing: ….

Mai: Getting your memories back isn’t necessarily a good thing…. I don’t know what happened to you, but there are things that are better not to know. So if you’re obsessed with it…

Ing: …Okay… I’ll remember that. Thanks, Mai.


Rai: Okay, this should be a good spot.

Ing: Understood.

Raji: I’m beginning the data recording. Mizuho, start the preparations.

Mizuho: Okay. The engine’s output gauge and parameters are on the monitor.

Ing: I’m changing to the Tronium Engine now.

Ing: Plasma Generator Inactive. E-crutch on.

Rai:  First, start at Quarter Drive. Try to get a hang of controlling the Energy Lines.[5]

Ing: Roger. Tronium Engine, Start. EF Wheel, connected.


Ing: Start-up Confirmed. Operation normal. Condition Green.

Rai: Next, for Half Drive, when the Lines reach their peaks, you have to open up on the throttle. If you let the power dip too low, the engine could stop working.

Ing: So you’re saying that because the output’s unstable, there’s a limit to how much I can adjust it.

Rai: Yeah, that’s a problem with the Tronium Engine. If you increase the output but your Lines are still too low, you won’t be able to attack even if you want to. Meaning you have to rely on luck sometimes. More than you used to, at least.

Ing: You have to pay attention to the lines while you’re fighting. Sounds hard.

Rai: If there’s a full-time operator, it’s not so bad. When I’m part of SRX, I focus more on monitoring the output than when I’m in the R-2. And when you’re at Full Drive, the Lines tend not to be so unstable.

Ing: So it’s at its most stable when the output is high?

Rai: Yeah. That’s an advantage of the Tronium Engine, but if you stay at Full Drive or Overdrive too long…. There’s a pretty good chance it’ll overheat or you’ll lose control. It also puts a lot of strain on the machine. Be careful.

Ing: I understand.

Ryoto: And when you’re using the T-Link System and the Tronium Engine at the same time…. If the pilot’s Link level is high, not only is the engine’s output more stable, but the output rises as well.

Rai: That’s right. With Ryuusei, Captain Aya, and Mai’s psychic powers combining, the SRX is able to output more than even Overdrive. Of course, it’s a double edged sword.

Ing: The T-link System and the Tronium Engine have a multiplicative effect, then?

Ryoto: From what I’ve experienced, it seems that way…. But we don’t know the details that well at this point. One explanation could be that the Tronium reacts to the pilot’s mental state….


Fed soldier: Mayday, Mayday! This is T303! We’re under attack from an unknown force! SOS! Coordinates…

Despinis: ! Raul, we’re picking up an emergency call!

Raul: The T303, that’s…!

Fiona: The transport ship carrying the Mk-X parts!

Despinis: It’s coming…. From somewhere close!

Rai: Mai, contact Ryuusei. We’re going.

Mai: Got it.

Rai: Ing, you go back. We can’t have anything happen to your mech before it’s finished.

Ing: No, I’m going with you. If we lose the Transport ship, it won’t matter if this mech is safe or not.

Rai: …. Okay. But don’t use the Tronium Engine.

Ing:  Roger.

Mai: Rai, we’ve been cleared to go.

Rai: Good. Let’s move!


Chapter 45: The Thrice-felled Raven

Fed Soldier: D-Damn! I’m ejecting!

Fed Soldier: Professor Hamill, we’re all that’s left!

Kirk: Just a little further! We’re almost to the raven[6]’s nest!

Fed Soldier: Professor! You must escape!

Kirk: I can’t leave the Mk-X Parts. They’re what we’re pinning our hopes on!

Egretta: There’s no Federation facilities in this area. They’re….


Egretta: This reading…. Hehe, so it’s them.


Raul: That’s a Gaia Sabers mech!

Fiona: Egretta!

Ing: …

Egretta: Hehehe…. You finally showed up. I’m so happy, Ing…. Egret Ing.

Ing: !

Mai: Egret?!

Rio: That name’s…!

Ariel: That means Ing’s a…?!

Egretta: The traitor himself doesn’t know it, but… He’s the 22nd of the Machinery Children.

Ryoto: !!

Ing: Machinery Children….

Egretta: You were made by my Papa, Egret Feff, as one of the kings of a new world.

Ing: I was… created…?!

Egretta: That’s right. Originally, you were one of my subordinates in the Alpha Saviors. You didn’t have a self.

Ing: What is that supposed to mean…?!

Egretta: All of the Machinery Children, except for I, the Originator, have no self, and do not speak.

Mass Produced MC: ….

Ryoto: They look human, but they’re just tools for controlling the machines…?!

Egretta: Ansuz and Thurisaz had problems with their personalities, at least before you killed them. This way, it’s easier to control my brothers.

Ing: Then why do I have a self?!

Egretta: Who knows? We don’t really know why you ran away from Grand Christmas.

Ing: What…?!

Egretta: It seems like even Papa didn’t expect it… Well, I’m sure you don’t really remember, either.

Ing: …

Rai: (So Egret Feff is still alive, and he’s working for the Gaia Sabers….!)

Egretta: Ing, you did really well for a single defective unit…. But there was something I didn’t like about you.

Ing: What’s that?

Egretta: Your physic abilities. A copy of me having an ability I don’t have…. It doesn’t sit well with me. So I’ll erase your existence from this world.

Ing: That’s why you want to kill me? I don’t know why I have these powers either!

Egretta: We don’t need to know. You’re going to die here.

Ing: No, I’m going to find this Feff person who made me, and ask him directly.

Egretta: You really think you can make it to where he is?

Ing: Let’s find out…!

Ariel: Ing…

Ing: It’s not where I’m from that matters, it’s what I’ve done. Even if I am one of the Machinery Children, the proof that I’m not like Egretta and his brothers is in my actions.

Rai: I agree. Raul, go straight for the transport ship.

Raul: Got it. I should guard them, right?

Rai: Yeah, We’ll hold off the enemies.

Rai: Keep them off the transport ship until it gets here!

Rio: Ing?!

Ing: I’ll draw Egretta here.

Ryoto: It’s too dangerous for you to do that alone!

Ing: Egretta’s after me. I can keep him occupied.

Ariel: Then I could provide cover.

Ing: No, you focus on the transport ship.

Mai: Ing, you…

Ing: I don’t plan on dying, Mai. I’ve just found the first clue to my memories and my past.

Mai: But even if you get your memories back…

Ing: I want an answer. That’s…. what I’m living for right now.

Rai: …Understood. I’ll leave Egretta to you.

Mai: Rai!

Rai: They have the advantage here. If he can pull the fire away from the transport ship, then he should. But Ing. If you and the Ashe fall here, the raven’s will never fly again. Don’t forget that.

Ing: Why are you telling me…?

Rai: I have a history with the Huckebeins. The machine I exchanged my left arm for…. I don’t want to see its descendants wiped out.

Ryoto: (That’s right, Raidiese was the Huckebein 1’s test pilot….)

Ing: !

Egretta: I’m the one fighting Ing. You all take care of the rest of them.

Mass MC: …

Ing: He’s between me and my answers…. I will get through this!

Chapter 45: The Thrice-felled Raven

Victory: The Ladybird reaches the designated point.

Defeat: The Ladybird is shot down, any allied unit is shot down.

*Ing v. Egretta*

Egretta: So, which will happen first? Will you learn the truth, or will you die? Not like you have a choice, though.

Ing: I’ll hear the truth from Egret Feff, not you!

Egretta: Hah! Strong words for a copy!

*fight 2*

Egretta: Do you really think you can beat my Altarf with that piece of junk?

Ing: It may not look like much, but the Ashe is the true successor to the Huckebeins! I’ll show you!

Egretta: With the Bergelmir destroyed, the Huckebeins are a thing of the past!

*Ship moves*

Egretta: Playtime is over, Ing. That piece of junk will become your coffin.

Ing: Guh! H-he’s fast!

Egretta: Not just speed, but in terms of power, my Altarf has the advantage!


Ing: Guh! At this rate…

Egretta: (Now show me... Your power!)

Ing: If I don’t have enough power to match him, then there’s only one thing I can do! Generator Inactive! E-crutch on!

Mai: ! Ing, you can’t!

Ing: Tronium Engine, Start! EF Wheel, connected!

Rai: Stop it, Ing! You can’t control the output right now!

Mizuho: Wh-what is this?!

Raji: What is it?

Mizuho: Look at the Ashe’s power gauge! So many of the lines are reaching their peaks!

Raji: !

Egretta: Heh, I don’t know what you’re trying to pull, but…!

Egretta: He dodged?!

Ing: Open Throttle! More! Morrree!

Mizuho: Ashe’s Tronium Engine is at Full Drive!

Rai: He’s controlling it, after such a short time….

Ryoto: These kinds of lines can’t be random chance! It’s no coincidence…. Is it a reaction from the T-Link System?!

Ing: Gooooooo!

Egretta: Guh! What is this power?!

Raul: T303! Now’s your chance!

Fed Soldier: R-roger!

Fiona: Mizuho, What’s the Ashe’s status?!

Mizuho: It’s in stable Full Drive, and there’s still more peaks coming in!

Raji: We’ve never seen anything like this in the data up till now.

Despinis: Is it going to go haywire…?!

Raji: We don’t know…. We expected the full-scale Tronium Engine to be used after the machine was fully repaired…. We don’t have anything for the Ashe as it is now.

Egretta: (Is this Ing’s hidden power? If it is, then it’s nowhere near what I heard.)

Ing: Let’s go, Egretta!

Egretta: Hmm, don’t get too excited. Machine cell, Part Coat!

*And back to full*

Fiona: It repaired its damage?!

Egretta: Let’s go, Ing. That ugly trash heap of a machine will be your coffin!

Victory: All Enemies defeated

Defeat: Any allied unit is shot down

*Vs Egretta again*

Egretta: Haha, it looks like you’ve got a bit more power than before.

Ing: This is the new power that the Ashe has achieved!

Egretta: But there’s smoke coming out of it. Are you revving the motor too much?

Ing: (I know that…. If I don’t end this quick, the machine won’t make it!)

Egretta: I’ll rip your pathetic bird to pieces!

*turn 6*

Egretta: Hmm, you’re more persistent than I thought you’d be.

Ing: Your Trump card is nothing I can’t handle!

Egretta: Trump card? The Machine Cells? Who said that was my trump card?

Ing: ….!

Egretta: You’re the one who’s played all their cards, Ing.


Ing: Ughhh!

Egretta: ?!

Mai: Ing!

Raul: From below?!

Despinis: Y-yes! There’s a heat signature from the water! It’s approaching the surface!

Egretta: Damn, it’s…!

*Sup Almara*

Rio: Galilnagant!

Egretta: So you’re here as well, Almara! Don’t get in my way!

Almara: Egretta, it doesn’t look like you’re following your orders very well.

Egretta: What…?!

Almara: You’re just trying to bring out that thing’s power, and your making this too complicated. It’s not like Tronium Engines are that rare.

Ing: U…gh…. Almara….

Almara: Ing…. I’ll show you the Galilnagant’s true power!

*oh shit*

Ariel: I-Ing!

Almara: Hm, so you barely managed to survive thanks to your barrier.

Fiona: Mizuho! How are Ing and the Ashe!?

Mizuho: Th-the Patch Armor and the Containing Cloak are gone! Ing still has vital signs, but he’s in critical condition!

Fiona: We need to go rescue him! Despinis, prepare the Exe-Faries for launch!

Despinis: Y-yeah!

Rai: That energy response from the Galilnagant…. So it has a Tronium Engine, too….?! And that attack…!

Almara: What’s that, no response? Is it all over, Ing?

Ing: … I…. I… Power I can use…. Search… where…?

Mizuho: Wh-what? This is…!

Raul: What’s wrong?!

Mizuho: Ing… He’s sending out multiple Telekinesis A pulses!

Raul: What?!

Mai: Th-they feel very strong!

Ryoto: It’s just like… It’s just like when Ing first boarded the Ashe!

Kirk: What?!

Federation Soldier: Th-the contents of the cargo bay are moving!

Kirk: That’s impossible, they can’t move on their own. Without a T-link Slider, they… Or no, because of that? It’s just like back then!

Fed: They’re moving more!

Kirk: Open the cargo bay hatch!

Fed: What?!

Kirk: Quickly! If you don’t, they’ll rip a hole in the back!

Fed: R-roger! Opening the hatch!

Ing: Come…! COME!


Ing: Fitting data, loaded. Spec, FCS, T-link Direct. Running start. Motion Errors, Servo motor limits, modifying in real time.  Previously loaded portions are in the field coat. Omitting restart. Optimizing.

Rio: He called the Mk-X parts to him with his mind?!

Rai: Aya can do that when she’s in the SRX, but he’s….

Ryoto: From just the pre-sets and his time in the simulator, he shouldn’t be able to install and set everything up like that…!

Raji: He’s working at an absurd pace!

Almara: …. (This isn’t what I heard from Alteur…. He could do that with just his psychic powers… Is this what that man wanted?)

Ing: Optimization complete.

Egretta: A cute trick, Ing. But putting rubbish on your garbage won’t get you to win against me… I’ll end the legacy of the raven right here, along with your life!

Ing: …The two deaths of the raven have fed their blood into the Exbein Ashe. And it has been reborn from the ashes… As the EX-Exbein!

Egretta: You can tell that nonsense to Ansuz and Thurisaz when you’re with them in the ground!

Ing: You first!

*oh shit*

Egretta: G-guh…

Ing: This is the new Huckebein… The EX-Exbein’s power! You can’t win!

Egretta: You… You damn copy, saying that to me, the original! You could never be more than me! Machine Cell, Part Coat! GEIM system, standby! Activate!


Egretta: I’ll kill you, Ing!

Ing: No you won’t! You’re the one who’s going to die, Egretta!

SR point: Within 8 turns, lower the Galilnagant to below 30000HP.

*Ing V Egretta*

Egretta: (IS this part of Papa’s plan too…? Ing having that power? In that case, then maybe the one he’s trying to get rid of… is me. No, that can’t be! I’m the originator. If it weren’t for me, then my brothers and Ing would never have existed!)

*Turn 7*

Egretta: So the backup’s arrived!


Raul: There’s still that many!

Fiona: If it’s only them, then we can…!

Despinis: Fiona, the STDF is here!


Lefina: All teams, prepare to sortie!

*Deploy screen*

Aya: That power…. It’s Ing…?!

Kusuha: It’s even stronger than when he first boarded the Ashe…

Ryuusei: H-hey! Look at that!


Tasuku: Th-the Ashe transformed!

Ryuusei: The entire body is attached by T-Link Sliders?

Tasuku: That’s what was being transported here, right?! How did he get it?!

Rai: We’ll talk later! We need your help here!

Ryuusei: R-right!

Egretta: Hmm. So they’ve brought their troops as well.

Sanger: Egretta Uno. So he shows his face again.

Arado: So he’s Egret Uruz?!

Sanger: That’s right.

Egretta: Sanger, Bronzo 28…. You damn traitors. I’ll make sure this is the last I see of you!

Arado: That’s what we should be saying! We won’t let you keep on labeling us as traitors!

Kai: …Aqua, are you okay?

Aqua: Yes. The output is at its lowest, but it’s within operation parameters. With the DFC, I can fight.

Kai: Don’t try to do too much. And remember the duty of the survivor. Not revenge, but to live on.

Aqua: R-right…! (Hugo…. Since you’re not here, I’m going to see what I can do for real… Though to tell the truth, I’m worried I can’t operate this machine by myself… From now on, I’m sitting in the pilot seat. Everything you taught me, and the data you left… I’m by myself, but I’m not alone. Fight alongside me, Hugo!)

Kai: All forces, begin the attack!

Defeat: Ing is shot down, an allied mothership is shot down

*Almara v Ing*

Almara: No matter what shape it takes, the raven will be engulfed by the black flame! That’s my orders!

Ing: You think you can match me and the EX-Exbein?! I think not!

Almara: Don’t be ridiculous! My Galilnagant is on a different level! Even if it looks similar to the raven, it’s absolutely different!

Ing: Don’t think that difference is going to determine the victor!

*Get rid of Almara or time passes*

Almara: Gr, there’s no reason things should be going so well for them!

Alteur: …You’ve done enough. Fall back, Almara.

Almara: Alteur, Sir, I can still!

Alteur: You have completed the mission I asked of you. You did well… No, better than I ever could have hoped.

Almara: What…?! With Ing bringing out that kind of power, it would be…

Alteur: It’s fine. You did well. Come back. I can lose my best subordinate here.

Almara: (! He thinks I will lose to Ing…?!)

Alteur: Come back. That’s an order.

Almara: Yes… Yes, sir!

Ariel: She retreated…!

Ing: …

*back to fightans*

*Aqua fights*

Aqua: (Synchronizing controlling the machine’s output and movements… Staying calm and keeping things under control… Keeping my limbs moving based on the feeling on my skin…. Imagining how Hugo controlled the machine and his motion patterns…. I can feel… How he did it!)

*sanger V Egretta*

Egretta: Sanger, we can rebuild this world with our combined power!

Sanger: You’re still spouting that nonsense?! Then you can blabber all you wish to the demons in the underworld!

*Kill the egg*

Egretta: How… How dare you…!

Ing:  You can’t run, Egretta!

Egretta: Ing…. Remember this! You… I’ll be the one to kill you!

Ariel: ! A decoy bomb?!

Tetsuya: What’s the status on the enemy machine?

Eita: I-it’s gone!

Tetsuya: So he’s escaped… How could he have gotten away?

Ing: …

*once he’s gone*

Eun: No remaining enemy signatures.

Lefina: Stay on alert. Call all our fireteams back.

Eun: Roger. Calling them in.

Ariel: …Ing, we got called back. What’s the status of your machine?

Ing: U…Ugh…

Ariel: Ing?!

Mizuho: Ing’s heart rate has suddenly dropped!

Raji: It looks like the machine is at its limit, too.

Fiona: Raul, we need to go get him!

Raul: Got it! Send out the Exe-fairies!


Lefina: How is Ing doing?

Rahda: He’s fallen into a coma. Due to using all of that power. But his life is not in danger.

Tetsuya: So he was one of the Machinery Children…

Viletta: He didn’t show any signs of that until now. And we didn’t know his psychic powers were this strong, either.

Lefina: Ariel, what do you know about this?

Ariel: I have no data on him. After he left, I’d assume it was erased.

Lefina: (Could it have been to hide his origins? But why would the Gaia Sabers do that…?)

Seolla: But even if he is one of the Machinery Children, he feels different from Egretta or Thurisaz or Ansuz.

Arado: And he isn’t like the Boosted Children, either.

Sanger: Still, if he was made by Egret Feff, then it’s fair to say that he’s not a normal human. Do you think Ing’s powers were given to him by that man?

Gilliam: …Viletta, what’s your opinion?

Viletta: For that level of power, he would need to have used the facilities at the white star… But they were destroyed after the L5 Battle of Operation SRW.

Gilliam: So then it isn’t anything related to the Aerogaters….

Aya: Even if my father was somehow involved in this, I don’t think he was intentionally given that power.

Gilliam: (Then it was just a coincidental mutation?)

Rai: Speaking of Aerogater tech, I think the Galilnagant seems pretty suspicious. It’s equipped with a Tronium Engine and it has attacks similar to the R-GUN Rivale.

Viletta: I’ve seen pictures of it, but from what I’ve heard, that machine was lost…. It went with Ingram.

Aya: …

Rai: While you could explain the fact that the Galilnagant has Tronium by saying it was stolen from somewhere…. Don’t you get the feeling that that machine was made using the same technology as the R-GUN Rivale?

Ryuusei: But then how did they get the machine? The White Star itself was destroyed, too.

Rai: They might have somehow got their hands on it before it was destroyed…. Or maybe someone gave it to them.

Ryuusei: I-it couldn’t be…

Rai: Captain Viletta, is there anyone who was brought here by the White Star who would be lending a hand to the Gaia Sabers?

Viletta: I can’t rule out that possibility.

Ryuusei: So we could be looking at the second coming of the Aerogaters…?

Viletta: But there’s something fishy.

Rai: What’s that?

Viletta: The Aerogaters’ objective was to give EOT to Earthlings, with their lust for war and superior capabilities for battle… And then after fighting a huge amount of battles, they would bolster their own ranks with those earthlings who had the greatest battle ability. In the end, they failed, but… by the time of the L5 Campaign, they had completed the training of the people they had selected.  Their next step would be to send another white star, and to collect the fighters and weapons who had grown even stronger.

Irm: And what about the step before that? In Major Ingram’s case, he had everything set up from the get-go….

Viletta: If the Aerogaters are conspiring with the Gaia Sabers… Or rather, with Alteur, then they would have worked towards obtaining their goal quicker. But unlike Ingram, Alteur’s part of the Federation government…. He’s a man from a very central position.

Lefina: That’s right. If he wanted to capture us, he would have had plenty of chances to do so up till now.

Sean: Back then he had us right where he wanted us…. If he had really gone all out, it would have all been over.

Tetsuya: So it’s unlikely that this is the second attack of the Aerogaters….

Rai: But since that Galilnagant machine is around, and it has that much power… There must be some kind of connection between the Gaia Sabers and the Aerogaters considering the tech used by it.

Viletta: That’s true. Just like with Ing, we need to find out more.

Lefina: …Major Gilliam, please report this Lt. General Jacob.

Gilliam: Understood.

Kai: Colonel Lefina, Regarding Ing…. What should we do?

Lefina: …

Arado: If he gets his memories back, he might become someone like Egretta…

Rio: Ing fought against Egretta and Almara with all his might. Even if his memories come back, he’d surely…

Ryoto: And besides… He can’t go back to the Alpha Saviors. If he did, Egretta would…

Rio: Yeah… He has no place to call home but here.

Arado: ….

Irm: But we know that he’s got a dark side. Whether it’s his memories returning, or some other situation, it’s possible that he could become our enemy.

Lefina: …We’ll deal with that when and if it happens.

Kai: Then?

Lefina: The EX-Exbein is an important part of our forces. And Ing, who pilots it, is too. If he still wants to be a part of our team when he wakes up, we will let him. But if the worst does happen…

Kai: I understand.

Ryoto: If that happens… I’ll stop him.

*Elsewhere, on Grand Christmas*

Almara: Sir, what is that power that Ing has?

Alteur: It’s something necessary for my plan to succeed.

Almara: But…

Alteur: It’s nothing dangerous. You and the Galilnagant did perfectly. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having it go so well.

Almara: Sir…

Alteur: Ing is nothing more than a tool I will use to achieve my goals… But that’s not the case for you, Almara. You’re the person I trust the most. Please trust me and just work on your missions.

Almara: Yes, sir…. I will go wherever you order, sir.


Feff: …It looks like you were trying to kill Ing.

Egretta: But you got what you wanted, right, Papa?

Feff: Are you unsatisfied?

Egretta: No… I fulfilled my order. What you want…. Is what I want.

Feff: I see… Then that’s fine, Egretta.

Egretta: (If I make a fuss, I won’t be able to look into this more… I need to stay quiet for now.  After all, I will be the one… to kill Ing.)


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[1] ??? The tenses in this paragraph are all sorts of nonsense.


[3] This is probably a reference to an old super robot show. No idea. Changed it to batman temporarlily.

[4] Bring out the tongue biters. Yup. JAPANESE. This is because EX-exbein is hard to say in Japanese.

[5] Poli-line, like many lined, I’m guess. The drive thing is like gears as far as I understand.

[6] So Huckebein is named after a German raven in a poem. They use the kanji for “Ill Fortune Bird” here, which is either Raven, Raptor, or Vulture, depending on how you want to look at it. Raptor is probably the coolest, Vulture sounds a bit too villainy, but Raven… I like Raven. Bite me.