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*iti iti*

Clifford: They called me here too… so I’m guessing something’s happening with the Ruina?

Josh: I don’t know. All they said was there was something he wanted to talk about.

Rim: But he’s a military big-shot. Why would he want to meet with us directly?

Josh: It’s probably something he wants kept secret.

Rim: I guess…

Josh: Well, let’s not keep him waiting.


Jacob: The reason I called you all is that we’ve confirmed that there are machines being made following Re-tech plans at Bunker 8, a Gaia Sabers base.

Josh: !!

Rim: S-so they’re like the Blanche Neige or the Aile Chevalier?

Jacob: Little miss, have you heard the words “NV Unit” before?

Rim: N-no….

Josh: It’s the first time I’ve heard anything like that. Cliff?

Cliff: …Yeah, I know what that is.  They’re weapons that professor Radcliff proposed, and I planned.

Josh: What? I’ve never heard anything about that….

Clifford: The professor told me to keep it under wraps.

Josh: My old man did? Why?

Clifford: After we planned out the NV Unit, we foresaw a lot of problems in producing it, from the technology needed to our budget. Because he didn’t know if we would complete it…. And because he needed an extra layer of insurance, he decided not to tell you two about it.

Josh: (Insurance…?)

Clifford: And then he made me hand over the blueprints to Alteur Steinbeck and Professor Eric Wong.

Josh: Why would he…

Clifford: Alteur was the source of our money. Regardless of what happened, without his sponsorship, Mother Base would have never been constructed.

Rim: But what is it? That NV Unit thing.

Clifford: It’s a massive Weapons Box Hangar for the Aile Chevalier and the Blanche Neige. There’s a lot of Ars Nova boxes, and it can fly. When the machines dock in them, the output ratio of the Res Arcana is increased, along with their maneuverability and firepower.  The one for the Aile Chevalier is called “Geant Aile”, and the one for the Blanche Neige is called “Excelsio Ars Nova”.

Josh: Geant Aile…

Rim: Excelsio Ars Nova….

Clifford: There were plans for other units, too, but there were too many problems…. If the Gaia Sabers have put the NV units into production, then it’s most likely only the Geant Aile and the Excelsio Ars Nova. They can function as stand-alone units… They don’t need a Res Arcana to work.

Josh: Meaning the Gaia Sabers can use them…. But why are they at Bunker 8 and not at Grand Christmas?

Clifford: Who knows?

Lefina: Lt. General Jacob, how much do you trust your information?

Jacob: I heard it from someone related to the Gaia Sabers… So I want you to confirm it.

Lefina: So you want us to go to Bunker 8 and do reconnaissance?

Jacob: Not just that. If they have made the NV Units, I want you to take them.

Josh: !

Clifford: To bring out the full potential of the Geant Aile and the Excelsio Ars Nova, the Aile Chevalier and the Blanche Neige are essential. If we can get our hands on them, they’ll be incredibly useful in our fights against the Ruina.

Josh: That’s assuming they were built according to your blueprints, right?

Clifford: I guess.

Jacob: There’s something else I want you to investigate on this mission.

Gilliam: You’re talking about the Galilnagant?

Jacob: That’s right. Even if we have to be forceful, we want to know more about what the Gaia Sabers are hiding. Though it’s possible that the information about the NV units is a trap…. I’d like you to accept this request, Commander Lefina.

Lefina: …Understood, sir.


Kyosuke: So we’re going after a Gaia Saber base this time?

Josh: Yes. It’s possible that there’s a Weapon Box Hangar that the Aile Chevalier can dock with at Bunker 8.

Michiru: If it’s there, what’s gonna happen? We gonna nab it?

Josh: Nab…?

Michiru: You know, swipe that shit.

Josh: Uh… yeah. I think.

Rim: It’d be nice if Eric Wong followed the blueprints when he made the Weapon Box Hangars…

Axel: Eric Wong?

Kouta: Do you know him, Axel?

Axel: You could say that.

Ratsel: Professor Eric Wong was one of the people who designed the Granzon. So he’s with the Gaia Sabers now…

Masaki: If he’s involved with Shu, that alone makes him suspicious.

Axel: I can agree with that.

Rim: Uhh…. Then, the Weapon Box Hangar….

Axel: He may be shady, but he’s not a bad guy.

Ariel: That’s right. He helped with my escape. And he was looking into who exactly created the Gaia Sabers.

Excellen: Meaning we can hope for the best?

Russel: But it’s also possible that Professor Wong wasn’t involved in the actual production of the Weapon Box Hangar….

Kyosuke: We’ll just have to play those odds.

Josh: …

Excellen: Well, all we can really do is go look for ourselves, right?

Katina: Yeah. We’ve been asked to make a sneak attack.

Tasuku: By the way, the Blanche Neige’s Ars Nova is a Weapon Box Bunker too, right? What’s special about this new one?

Rim: It’s bigger, apparently… and Cliff said it can fly.

Tasuku: Woah… That sounds amazing. It’d be nice if our firepower had a little bump. Just like That Ex… Exe… Exexo… Gah! I bit my tongue.

Marion: I told you this would happen.

Rob: Huh…. Is it really that hard to say? EX-Exbein.

Tasuku: Yeah, that thing. It’s like a Super-Mega-Bein.

Rob: No no, there’s more we can add to it, besides the Black Hole Engine.

Kouta: What do you mean?

Rob: It’s a secret. I won’t play my last trump card till we need it.

Marion: Or you just don’t have the time to install it yet? If you don’t hurry up, you won’t make it in time.

Robert: That may be true, but I’ve been helping Minaki with the repairs on Jinrai…

Marion: …If that Weapon Box Hangar does exist, we’re going to run out of staff….


Rio: …Are you okay?

Ing: Yeah… I’m sorry to have worried you. But if I’m one of the Machinery Children… If my memories come back… Or even without them… I’m…

Mai: That’s not true…. What’s important is who you are now, not what you were in the past…

Ing: Mai…

Mai: I once fought against the Steel Dragons…. But even then, Ryu and Aya let me join… They took me in as their ally… so Ing…

Ing: But…

Aya: This is something you have to decide for yourself. Just like Mai did.

Kai: Ing… Tell us how you really feel.

Ing: Up till now…. I was living to find out who I was... To get back the past I lost. During that, I also wanted to repay the people who helped me… As much as I could…. But I was scared of dying without knowing anything… but now I know….  I was once part of the Gaia Sabers… and I used my psychic powers recklessly… If you….

Ryoto: Even if you are one of the Machinery Children, that doesn’t change anything.

Rio: That’s right. You fought against Egretta and Almara, and you’re here with us.

Ing: Thanks. Now that I know where I came from, I feel like I know what I must do next. I don’t just want to know why I was created… I want to fight alongside you all.

Kai: …Okay.

Ing: But if I remember everything…. If I were to become your enemy…

Ryoto: Yeah… If that happens, I’ll stop you. Not to take your life… but to save you.


Ratsel: Well then, Kurt… I leave Iti Iti Island to you.

Kurt: Roger. Godspeed, sir.

Ibis: And Touma… Take care of Irui.

Touma: Yeah, leave it to me.

Irui: Come back safe, Ibis!

Ibis: Of course.

Kirk: Ing, right now, you can’t use the Tronium Engine and the Black Hole Engine at the same time. Stick to the Tronium.

Ing: I understand.

Irui: …!

Ibis: What’s wrong, Irui?

Irui: (I can sense… something… from him…. Something… different…)

Ing: (What...? Is she looking at me…?)


Sean: Captain, we’ve surfaced. Sending out reconnaissance units.

Lefina: …Is he going to be okay?

Sean: His machine is built for speed and maneuverability, so he’s the most suited for this job. As long as he has a navigator, he should be able to get back here fine…


Kouta: Woooohooo! This is great!

Roar: This isn’t a game, Kouta.

Kouta: Oh, shut up. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying it a bit.

Shiro: …Looks like they’re having fun.

Masaki: We just left the ship, and there’s no enemies yet. Let him have his fun.


Kuro: Masaki, there’s something on the Radar, from 4 o’clock!

Masaki: Seriously, already?

Kuro: From the radar, it looks like it’s a battle….

Masaki: Wait, that’s….!

Chapter 46: Lune’s Capriccio[1]

Presia: L-Lune! Zash!

Lune: Damn, how did this happen?!

Zash: What are these guys?!

Lune: I don’t know, this is the first time I’ve seen them!

Aquila: ….

Lune: What do they want with Presia…?

Presia: I-I’m sorry…. It’s cause I couldn’t run away fast enough…

Aquila: *chuckles*…. I can feel your fear, impatience, and embarrassment….

Presia: I-I can hear him?!

Aquila: Human, you will fear us, the Ruina.  And your negative emotions will be let loose.

Presia: I-I’m not scared! I’m a pilot just like everyone else!

Aquila: The feelings lurking behind that resolve are the sweetest nectar I could imagine.

Presia: What?

Aquila: I will not kill you here. You will come with me to my lord.

Presia: W-why me?!

Aquila: You are unlike the rest of them. It’s very interesting.

Presia: Wh-what are you talking about?!

Zash: There’s too many of them…! How are we going to save Presia?!

Lune: I can take out the small fry in one go with a Psycho Buster! After that, while I keep the guards busy, you save Presia!

Zash: G-got it!

Lune: …I’m sorry, Zash. I didn’t mean to get you tangled up in this mess.

Zash: N-no, it’s fine…. As long as I’m with you… I’ll do whatever I can…

Lune: Presia, Wait right there! We’re coming to save you!

Zash: (She didn’t hear any of that, did she…)

Aquila: Now struggle in vain, and let your frail hope turn into despair.

Lune: I don’t know who you are, but I’ll show you exactly what my new Valsione can do!

Chapter 46: Lune’s Capriccio

Victory: Shoot down all Enemies

Defeat: Any allied unit is shot down

SR point: Within 2 player phases, shoot down 8 enemies with the Valsione R’s Psycho Buster MAP attack.

*Kill quite a few*

Zash: There are enemy units who haven’t started moving yet. Are they just playing with us?!

Lune: Then that means we have a chance to rescue Presia! Don’t slow down, Zash!

Zash: G-got it!


Lune: ! What’s this...?!

*Oh sup*

Lefina: Deploy all fireteams!

*Deploy screen*

Masaki: So it is you!

Lune: Masaki! And the Steel Dragons, too!

Mio: Diablo and Galguard are here, too… So Zash and Presia?

Tytti: Why did those kids come out here…?!

Yang Long: I think I know the reason. It’s Lune.

Masaki: Yeah, Lune! What the hell’s going on?!

Lune: Uh, um… That’s…

Excellen: Don’t we need to focus on rescuing Presia right now?

Masaki: I know! Lune, after we’re done here, you’re going to explain everything!

Lune: F-fine…

Aquila: …So they showed up. Well then.

Presia: Kyaaaa! Masaki!

Masaki: Presia!

Josh: They’re planning on taking her with them!

Rim: But why?!

Josh: There’s noise in the Sympathia…. So you can hear me, Aquila! What are you planning on doing with her?!

Aquila: There’s no reason for me to tell you that, humans. Even if you did know, you wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

Josh: No, we can save her!

Aquila: You and that machine are becoming a nuisance to the Ruina. I will destroy you.

Masaki: Presia, We’re coming for you! Wait just a bit longer!

Presia: O-okay!

Kai: All units, begin the attack! Rescuing Masaki’s sister is imperative!

Defeat: An allied mothership is shot down, Lune, Zash, or Presia are shot down.

*Free Presia*

Presia: ! I can move!

Masaki: Presia, get back! Don’t do anything stupid, okay?

Presia: Y-yeah. Sorry to make you worry, Masaki.

*Hit Aquila a lot*

Aquila: …It seems your power has grown since we last met. But you are still advancing towards your destruction. The promised day is at hand.

Katina: That’s not what the losers are supposed to say, badly!

Aquila: Hmm… We will meet again, humans.

Eun: All enemy signals have left the battlefield.

Lefina: Stay on alert. After all units have come back to us, continue our course towards Bunker 8.


Lune: …So I’m here! Ehehe.

Masaki: Don’t “ehehe” me. Explain this.

Lune: Well… After you went to the surface, I was talking with Presia about how bored we were. And from there, it sorta evolved into how we should follow you up to the surface….

Masaki: Waaaaaait a second. I don’t think Presia would say that on her own. Did you lead her on?

Lune: W-well, it’s more like she didn’t use those exact words, but like we sorta reached that point through a back and forth…ish?

Masaki: What, so now you’re talking like Lamia or Excellen?

Yang Long: She’s flustered cause you guessed it on your first try.

Masaki: Lune, you put Presia in danger. What would have happened if we weren’t in the area…?!

Presia: Masaki, don’t be mad at Lune…. It’s my fault, too.

Zash: I-I’m part of this, too….

Masaki: Speaking of which, why did you come up here, too?

Excellen: Well, that’s cause he was worried what Lune would do once she came up here to meet with you. Right?

Zash: …

Masaki: Jeez, I’m gonna never hear the end of it from Xenia, am I?

Presia: I’m sorry….

Masaki: No, you’re fine, Presia, it’s Lune that…

Lune: …Sorry.

Masaki: Wha, you’re actually apologizing?

Lune: I just don’t want you to hate me.

Masaki: Don’t be an idiot. I can’t hate my allies.

Lune: (Ally….. Nothing more than that, then?)

Yang Long: Well, regardless, it’s not exactly great that Zash and Presia are up on the surface with us. You should return to La Gias as soon as possible.

Tytti: About that…. I can’t get an Ether line to connect.

Yang Long: What? Is the machine broken?

Ranshao: No, master. Even in the Granveil, it seems there’s no way to connect an Ether line at the moment.

Mio: What’s that mean? Is something happening down there?

Yang Long: Zash, do you have any ideas?

Zash: No… There was nothing really strange going on before we came up here….

Lamia: Could there be a problem from this side?

Lune: Now that you say it… we were trying to appear near Iti Iti Island, but we ended up some ways off.

Yang Long: Could it be because of the distortion Shu was talking about?

Masaki: The boundaries between dimensions are getting unstable, right? Could that be effecting La Gias?

Lune: If we can’t go back, then I’m going to stay and fight with the Steel Dragons. It seems like a lot of stuff is happening up here.

Masaki: That’s fine for you, but for Presia and the Diablo, I should take them back to La Gias with the Cybuster.

Tytti: If it is a problem on this side…. You should probably wait until the Ether lines are connecting again.

Shiro: That’s right. We could get called into a different world, like last time.

Masaki: That’s true….

Zash: The Steel Dragons helped us out a lot when they were in La Gias…. I would like to cooperate with them as a way of paying them back.

Presia: Masaki, I’ll help too.

Masaki: …I guess there’s nothing else I can do. Major Kai, do you mind?

Kai: No. We need all the fighting power we can get.

Irm: I’m all for adding more girls to our side.[2]

Masaki: Presia, Zash… The surface has a lot of annoying people, so be careful up here. Don’t do anything stupid.

Presia: Yeah.

Zash: Understood.

Presia: I’m glad to be with everyone here.

Excellen: We’re glad to have you. Zash, too.

Zash: Yes, ma’am.

Ryuusei: By the way, Lune… It looks like the Valsione’s exterior’s changed a bit. What happened?

Lune: You’ve got good eyes. After our fights down there, I reinforced it with some La Giasian metallurgical knowledge. And the name’s changed, too.

Ryuusei: So it’s the Great God Valsione Z now?

Mio: God, you’re terrible at names.

Lune: It’s just the Valsione R.

Ryuusei: Well that’s simple. What’s the R stand for? Refined? Remade?

Shine: Romance, perhaps?

Lune: Oh, I like the sound of that….

Excellen: What did you think of before that?

Lune: That’s something I should keep a secret, right? It’s more mysterious that way.

Ryuusei: I guess so…


Sean: The Ruina forces at that battle were using Lions and other machines that those mercenaries were testing.

Lefina: Yes…. I wonder where they captured them?

Sean: If their plans involve taking over our manufacturing plants, we’ll have a rough road ahead of us.

Lefina: That’s right. They could be aiming for Bunker 8, as well…


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[1] According to Wikipedia, a Capriccio is a free-form fast piece of music to showcase skill. I guess because she went off on her own?

[2] Goddamn Irm she’s like 6