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*In Antarctica*

Umbra: I see, those humans…

Aquila: They’ve increased their forces significantly. The fighting spirit of those two is unshakable. Judging by their heading, it appears they’re heading for the place Contagio wants to make into an Officinus.

Umbra: Hmm...

Aquila: What should we do? Should I go take control of the land?

Umbra: No, I will go. Along with Glacies and Ventus. There’s something I want to confirm…

Chapter 47:  Assault on Bunker 8

GS sold: Captain, they’ve broken through the 3rd line!

Gs Soldier: Those bastards are too fast! What about those defense measures?!

GS Sold: They’re…. Professor Wong isn’t giving us any information.

Gs Soldier: What?! I’ll talk to him directly! *Boop* Professor Wong, follow the damn order!

Eric:  … I don’t want my hard work to be spoiled on something like this.

GS Soldier:  We can’t just sit here with our thumbs in our asses and let the enemy take those machines!

Eric: Sure you can. The machines are theirs, anyway. And they’ll fight the Ruina for you.

Gs Soldier: You bastard…! Fine, we’ll just have to do it ourselves! If you interfere, you’ll be punished accordingly!

Eric: You don’t really have the time to get all huffy with me.


GS Soldier: !!


Lefina: Hold your fire! Send the fireteams out front!

*Deploy time*

Axel: So that’s Bunker 8. It doesn’t exactly look like it could fit something like the NV Unit.

Lefina: Doctor Cliff, do you see any places that could accommodate the Weapon Box Hangar?

Clifford: If they were made according to my plans, then it wouldn’t fit in any of the hangars we can see from the surface. I’m thinking its being held underground.

Lefina: Then we will take control of Bunker 8. In the event that we confirm the Weapon Box Hangar is here, we will secure it as well. Considering all that needs to be done after we found it, we cannot take too much time. Everyone, accomplish this mission as fast as you can.

Kai: Josh, Rim, you two will search for entrances to the subterranean hangars. But you only have 7 minutes. If you don’t find it in those 7 minutes, then it’ll get too difficult for us to escape. Got it?

Josh: Roger.

Tasuku: Even if we do find the treasure, we don’t know if we can use it… This is a pretty big gamble.

Josh: I’m sorry we had to put so many chips on the table.[1]

Tasuku:  If the Weapon Box Hangars are as cool as you said they were, then we could really use them. It’s a prize worth the ante.

Gilliam: We’re also looking for information. Even if we don’t find the NV Unit, we won’t go home empty handed.

Josh: Saying that makes me feel a bit better.

Ariel: Josh, Rim, I’ve found some places that look like entrances to the underground hangar. I’m sending you the data now.

*There there and there*

Rim: Bro, wouldn’t it better to figure out which is the most likely to be the right entrance?

Rim: (Umm…. It’s not a good idea to rely on a hunch…)

Josh: I’m not going to make our odds any worse. We’ll have to check each entrance. We can do it if we hurry.

Rim: (I think that’s better.)

Rim: Got it.

Josh: We don’t have much time. Let’s go!

Kai: All units, begin the attack! Don’t let the enemies target Josh or Rim!

Chapter 47: Assault on Bunker 8

Victory: Josh or Rim finds the entrance to the underground bunker within 7 turns.

Defeat: Josh or Rim are shot down, an allied mothership is shot down, the victory condition is not met within 7 turns.

SR point: Have Josh and Rim never be targeted by enemy attacks.

*blow up all the GS units*

Eita: Enemy reinforcements from 4 o’clock! They’re within 4 clicks! It’s the Gaia Sabers!

Tetsuya: So they’ve got back up! Prepare for an ambush!

*Oh sup*

Chienne:  Attacking this base sure was a ballsy move.

Chien: It’s like these idiots want their names to be tarnished more.

Arado: It’s Chienne!

Aqua: And the Medius Locus… Mrs. Mitte…

Erde: (Aqua…. Looks like I was right.)

Kai: Major Albero, I heard about what happened with Hugo from Aqua. Why were you trying to recruit him?

Albero: …

Kai: I’m thinking it’s because you didn’t want to fight him.

Erde: …Albero.

Albero: I know.

Kai: Major Albero, there’s a reason you’re not telling us the truth!

Albero: I, as part of the Gaia Sabers, shot a traitor. That’s all.

Aqua: Mrs. Mitte, do you feel the same?

Erde: I told you before. What do you think?

Aqua: I… I won’t forgive you…! But I don’t want to fight you if I don’t have to….

Katina: The fuck are you saying? That woman killed Hugo!

Aqua: I know that…. But to know the truth behind the Tsentr Project, I need her.

Aya: Aqua…

Carla: She deceived you for all those years! She won’t get any sympathy from us!

Aqua: But still, I want it to go back to how it was…. My respect for her…. Why did she turn out this way…? I want to know the reason!

Erde: And what are you trying to say?

Aqua: Get rid of the Medius, and surrender. And, in atonement for taking Hugo’s life…

Albero: (Atonement, she says…)

Erde: Aqua…. You’re still so simple. Do you know why I told you I was on this machine?

Aqua: …

Erde: So I could feed my Medius and make him stronger. Until the very end.

Aqua: You’re….!

Aya: You know this, Aqua. That’s just who she is.

Kai: If you can’t understand that, you’ll die. You have a duty to fulfill.

Aqua: Y…. Yeah!

Erde: (!? This reaction… Could it be… No, that’s impossible.)

Albero: What was that error sound?

Erde: It’s not a problem. Begin the attack.

Albero: …Gamma 1 to all units. The most important thing is to capture the Re-tech units. Understood?

Chien: (Idiot, like we’d listen to that order with this kind of opportunity!)

Chienne: (This is gonna be a bloodbath!)

*Back to stuff*

*Do damage to Medius*

Erde: Lazumunanium, CA Control. Repairing damaged armor.

*So maybe try something else*

*Aqua V Albero*

Aqua: Mrs. Mitte! What is the Tsentr Project trying to accomplish?!

Erde: Just like you were told, they study Terminus Energy and Lazumunanium, and they make more TE Absorbers.

Aqua: There’s more than that!

Erde: (She’s a bit sharp, at least) I’ll tell you one truth then, Aqua. I’ll kill you with this Medius. Without hesitation.

Aqua: You’re the worst kind of person…!

*3 turns left*

Eun: 3 minutes until the time limit! Find the entrance to the underground base!

Josh: Got it!

*2 turns*

Eun: 2 minutes until the time limit!

Josh: Let’s hurry, Rim!

Rim: Got it!

*1 minute*

Eun: 1 minute left!

Rim: (R-Riana! We don’t have any more time!)

Rim: I know!

*Find that shit*

Josh: This is Josh! We found the entrance! We’re heading in!

Eun: Dragon 2, roger!

Josh: Rim, let’s go!

Rim: Got it!

Albero: Damn, the Re-tech machines…!

Erde: Albero, we should shoot down the Cerberus.

Albero: So we’re changing the mission objective?

Erde: Yes. There’s something I want to confirm. (That’s right, the reason for the error earlier…)

*Back to fightans*

*kill Chiot*

Chiot: …I’m going home. See you.

*kill Chine*

Chien: Eh, I’m off today! I’m outta here!

*Kill Chienne*

Chienne: Dammit! I’m falling back!

*All 3 down*

Lefina: Eun, what’s Josh’s status?

Eun: They’re going to break the partition leading into the underground bunker. They’re trying to see what’s inside….

Sean: If they broke it, they could damage the Weapon Box Hangar after all…. Captain, you should send Fighter Roar down there to see if he can open the gate.

Lefina: Then tell him to go down there as soon as he can.

Eun: Roger!


Eita: Multiple heat readings heading right for us! They’re missiles!

Tetsuya: Defenses! Prepare the AMM!

Erde: AI1, calculate the trajectory!


Erde: (Another error? Why??!)


Eita: Missiles incoming! And behind them, multiple enemy units! It’s the Ruina! There’s 3 Melior Esse machines!

*Whoooooo no*

Kyosuke: It’s her…!

Irm: Looks like the ambushers have become the ambushees.

Erde: Albero, something’s wrong with AI1. We need to leave.

Albero: You said there was no problem earlier.

Erde: Look at what’s happening. It could get risky. Let’s retreat.

Albero: …Roger.


Umbra: The nuisances have left.

Glacies: …. Joshua Radcliff… I know you’re here. Come out, now.


GS Soldier: Wwwaaaa! What is that?! Shoot! Shoot!

Kouta: Hah! You can’t hit me like that! If you don’t want to get hurt, get out of here!

Gs Soldier: Stop him!

Kouta: If you won’t listen, then take this! Fighter Beam Gun!

Gs: Damn! It’s no use! Fall back!

Kouta: Okay, then…

???: Hohoho, a hero’s come to save the day.

Kouta: Who’s there?!

???: No need for that gun, I’m no one suspicious.

Kouta: You’re…!

Eric: My name is Eric Wong.

Kouta: !!

Eric: You came at a good time. Help me take these bombs off the Weapon Box Hangar.

Kouta: What…?!

Eric: Now, open up the partition. And call over the Knight and Snow White…


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[1] So this is a pun. Tasuku talks about a “shibereru kake” Which is exciting but also refers to the sensation of a limb falling asleep. Then Josh quips back that he’s sorry if it makes people have a bum leg. JOKES