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Chapter 48: An Esoteric Existence


Eun: Captain, there’s a message from Josh. They have confirmed the Weapon Box Hangars in the underground hangar, and have captured them.

Lefina: Does it look like they can use them immediately?

Eun: It looks like it’ll take a few minutes to get their machines docked into them.

Lefina: Then our ship and the Hagane will hold position and ready our Tesla drives. We have to protect this bunker.

Sean: Roger.

Umbra: Glacies, Ventus. Where are they?

Glacies: Right now… I can’t feel his consciousness.

Ventus: I think the system is turned off.

Umbra: Then send in the Miles, and let’s draw them out.

Rishu: There’s 3 of the Melior Esse this time.

Yuuki: It’s the same 3 we fought at Septen Polum. I have a bad feeling about this.

Lune: What do you mean?

Yuuki: Josh and Rim have systems in their machines that links their consciousnesses with Glacies and Ventus, respectively. I think the Ruina are going to take advantage that.

Zash:  So you’re worried that their thoughts will leak to the other side?

Yuuki: Maybe not that far, but… There’s a chance something could happen. When the earth was covered by the dimensional barrier, after Rim and Ventus made contact, that barrier was destroyed.

Lune: Seriously?

Mio: She has that kind of power?

Leona: Rather than it being a power based on herself, we’re guessing it’s her Sympathia linking with the system the Ruina use that made it happen.

Yang Long: So that means that the Ruina would consider Josh and Rim to be the most unpredictable factors standing in their way.

Leona: That’s right.

Tytti: So we have to do everything we can to protect those two…!

Glacies: Those with bodies of flesh, those with souls…. Through the furthest depths of hardship, we will lead you to your doom. For the sake of the Lord of Ruin.

Kai: Erebus 1 to all units. Do not let the Ruina reach Bunker 8.

*Dat line*

Kai: Hold the line! Got it?

Chapter 48: An Esoteric Existence

Victory: Shoot down all enemies besides the Fabularis and the Stodium

Defeat: An enemy crosses the defensive line, an allied Mothership is shot down

SR point: ???


Glacies: Kuh!

Ventus: They’ve turned on their systems….

Umbra: Are they coming?

Glacies: Y-yes… (What is this… it’s stronger than before….!?)

Eun: Message from Josh! They’ve successfully booted up the Weapon Box Hangars!

Lefina: !

Eun: He’s requesting the machines near G-Block make a wall!

Lefina: Send that to the machines in the area!

Glacies: He’s there! Go, Milles!

Eita: Ruina are passing the line from above! They’re heading for the G-Block!

Tetsuya: Shoot them! Quickly!

Glacies: What?!

*oh man*

Josh: FCS is functioning normally. Power transfer system, drive system, and Sympathia all condition green.


Josh: Rim, how are things on your end?

Rim: The Sympathia’s flaring up…. And the mech feels completely different…

Josh: Considering the size of these things, that’s understandable. But this machine is being controlled by just the Aile Chevalier’s Sympathia…. The Geant Aile has a generator, but I don’t need to use it. It’s just like Cliff said….


Josh: What…? The monitor…

Felio: If you’re seeing this video, it means you’ve activated the Geant Aile with Sympathia 3, and disabled the Res Arcana’s limiter for the first time. In other words, Josh…. You’ve launched the Geant Chevalier.

Josh: O-old man…

Felio: Josh, the Geant Aile and the Excelsio Ars Nova were insurance I entrusted to Professor Eric Wong.  Only you and Rim can use them to their full potential. Professor Wong should be aware of that, as well.

Josh: …

Felio: And if you’re operating this…. Then it means it’s likely something has happened at the Fabula Fores. If that’s the case, and if my research is becoming a danger to humanity, please use this machine to work with the Federation and save them. Thanks.

Josh: Th…That’s all you have to say, Dad…?! After getting me involved in this, that’s all you have to say?! That is so like you! You just do whatever you want, and only worry about yourself! You should have things you need to say to Rim, too! Why can’t you realize that!?

Rim: Bro… (Josh…)

Ryuusei: So that’s the Geant Aile….

Tasuku: And the Excelsio Ars Nova!

Clifford: (It looks like they were made exactly from the plans.)

Michiru: Those huge things can fight? They’re like massive targets for the enemy!

Kai: Josh, Rim, can you handle them?

Josh: Yeah, somehow.

Rim: Me too.

Umbra: If they’ve made new Machines, then that means….


Josh: Guh!

Glacies: Uuh!


Rim: Ow!

Ventus: Kuh…..

Umbra: The resonance has become stronger. If they take hold of this new power, it’ll be dangerous. We need to destroy them here.

Glacies: I… I understand!

Josh: (Ugh, there’s no mistaking it. She… She’s in my mind somewhere. This desire for death and destruction…. It’s her….!)

Glacies: (That’s right…. Joshua Radcliff. I’m in your mind. I’ll break you. To return myself to normal…. For the Ruina… I’ll erase you!)

Josh: (I will understand this. I will know… what the Ruina are!)

Ventus: (Just like before…. I can feel their consciousnesses…)

Rim: (But I don’t feel like I’m being invaded….)

Ventus: (I… I want to know more about you two. Why are you…?)

Rim: (….) (I-I’m….)

Excellen: Josh, Rim! Are you okay?!

Josh: Yeah… For now. Leave Glacies to me.

Kyosuke: What are you planning?

Josh: There’s something I want to confirm about her… No… Something that I have to confirm!

Gilliam: Major Kai, while it is dangerous, I think it’s best to leave it to them.

Kai: To get more information about the Ruina?

Gilliam: That’s right.

Kai: …Fine. But if it things go south, we’re intervening. Okay?

Josh: Yes, sir.

Rim: Bro, I’m going to Ventus…

Josh: No. Don’t move from that spot. Protect the Hagane and the Hiryuu Custom.

Rim: What? You always try to do everything yourself! (Riana, I think we should go out front, too.)  Chris and I both won’t let you hold us back, bro!

Josh: …Fine. But don’t contact Ventus. We don’t know what will happen.

Glacies: (They’re coming…!)

Josh: (Old man…. I don’t want to, but I’ll accept your request! The Ruina you called, and the disaster they’re creating… I’ll fix it with this Geant Chevalier!)

Victory: Have Josh talk to Glacies.

Defeat: Josh or Rim are shot down, an allied mothership is shot down, the Fabularis or the Stodium are shot down

SR point: Before achieving the victory condition, shoot down the Priscus Nox. It will retreat if it reaches below 18000 HP.

*Umbra V Rim*

Umbra: Human, your existence is what extinguished the Ultrum Exterior. I will not let something like that happen again. I will eliminate you.

Rim: This Dea Blanche Neige won’t make it easy for you!

*Josh V Umbra*

Umbra: Human, your new power… Before it becomes a nuisance to us, I will destroy you.

Josh: Get out of my way! I need to get to Glacies!

*Well how about that you blew up Umbra Russel good job*

Umbra: Their power is greater than what we foresaw… Glacies, Ventus, we are falling back. We’ll have to wait for another chance to eliminate them.

Eita: The Ruina are leaving…! No, Wait, there’s still 2 left!

Josh: Glacies…!

Glacies: Joshua Radcliff…. I have to defeat you here…!

Rim: (Riana, Ventus is still there, too!) …


*Talk to Glacies*

Josh: Glacies!

Glacies: What?!

Josh: Why is this happening?! Why are you in my head?!

Glacies: Sh-shut up! I’ll get rid of you! The you in front of me, and the you in my head, too!


Glacies: Aaaah!

Josh: Ugh, Uaaaaaah!

Kai: Josh!?

Josh: Wh-what is this?! Her consciousness! S-stop it!

Glacies: Destroy everything… Negativity….

Josh: The negative energy…. For us Ruina….!

Aqua: Josh! What are you saying?!

Rahda: Is her consciousness flowing into him?!

Josh: I- I’m not you! These aren’t my thoughts! Get out!


Glacies: Ugh… ahh… I… I’m… a person…?! No… I’m a Melior Esse, one of those to bring forth the Lord of Ruin…!

Josh: U-Ugh! It’s rebounding!?

Glacies: I- I can’t, His thoughts are still!

*Whiiiiite and red*

Josh: (I… I can see you, Glacies!)

Glacies: (Wh-what is this?!)

Josh: (…I see… Glacies, you’re….)

Glacies: (Y-you bastard… What are you looking at?!)

Josh: (You were born there…. You were born only to follow the will of the Lord of Ruin…. That’s what a Melior Esse is…. Cursed with life and death…. A being with an artificial soul….)

Glacies: (D-don’t look! Don’t look at me! I’ll break!)

Josh: (Glacies… I understand now. Why you felt empty, why it felt like your soul was lacking something…. You weren’t given negative emotions. Why? What is this Lord of Ruin? What kind of being is he? How is he connected to the ruins?)

Glacies: (S-stop it! Don’t go any further…!)

Josh: (Don’t you understand?! You’re in my head, so I should be in yours! So answer me! Glacies!)

Glacies: (Kuuuuh! Aaaaaaah!)

Ing: Glacies’s machine…!

Ariel: It shut down…?!

Kai: Josh, respond! Are you okay?!


Kai: Rim, do you know what’s going on?!

Rim: (…)

Kai: R-rim! What’s wrong?!

Rim: (…)


Ventus: (…. It’s calm… and our resonance is strong. I want to know about you…. And you want to know about me…)

Rim: (It’s not me… Chris is the one who thinks that.)

Rim: (…)

Ventus: (But Riana… You should understand this as well. You’re in my head. And I’m in yours.  We’re similar…)

Rim: (This is… his mind….)

Rim: (Why…. Ventus, why are you a Melior Esse? And why is your urge for destruction so weak? And you even wish for your own destruction….)

Ventus: (I was given a different duty than the other Melior Esse. I can’t live… I can’t even die on my own terms.)

Rim: (…!)

Rim: (…You said that we were similar. What did you mean by that?)

Ventus: (We were given a similar duty.)

Rim: (What?!)

Rim: (What do you mean, Duty?!)

Ventus: (To hold this world’s knowledge…. To understand human emotions.)

Rim: (Human emotions…!)

Rim: (Understanding…!? We’re humans!)

Ventus: (I can understand how humans handle emotions, and therefore I know the best ways to turn those thoughts the negative energy that the Lord of Ruin needs to awaken.)

Rim: (You’re trying to awaken the Lord of Ruin?!)

Ventus: (I was made for that purpose…. I’m a connection device for the Lord of Ruin… Just an energy converter. And I don’t just input power… I can control how much power the Lord of Ruin outputs… That’s why I was put in charge of managing the Ultrum Exterior from Septen Polum. And when the Lord of Ruin awakens, my duty will be over. The end of my existence has already been set.)

Rim: (S-so the rest of the Melior Esse will also…?!)

Ventus: (Yes… When I awaken the Lord of Ruin, they will become unnecessary. And they’re vanish.)

Rim: (And… That doesn’t make you sad…?!)

Ventus: (Sad? I can understand that feeling. But I can’t feel it. I’m just a method for the Lord of Ruin to awaken. That’s why I was given life….)

*Outside the naked floaty time*

Kai: Rim! Respond!

Rim: ! Major Kai?!

Glacies: Ugh…. Ventus…. We need to fall back… At this rate… I’ll…

Ventus: …Okay. Let’s go, Glacies.


Sean: Captain, should we pursue?

Lefina: No, keep the anti-air and anti-ground forces on alert. Let Major Gilliam complete his investigation of Bunker 8. After we’ve retrieved what we deem necessary, we’ll return to Iti Iti Island.

Sean: Roger. We should work quickly. The Gaia Sabers could be headed back here.

Josh: …

Rim: Bro, are you okay?

Josh: Yeah. How about you?

Rim: It wasn’t like it was last time….

Josh: I see… (Glacies…. What does our resonance mean…?)


Ariel: Professor Wong!

Eric: Oh, Ariel. So you came as well.

Ariel: Are you still hurt…?

Eric: Eh, I’m fine. No need to worry. How’s the Flickerei Geist?

Ariel: After contacting the Red Ogre…. The Persönlichkeit, the Fau Kern reactivated, and it’s gotten stronger.

Eric: Hmm… So now you’re able to use Code U.U.N.?

Ariel: Yes. And it wasn’t just the Flickerei Geist that had its core revived.

Eric: The Alles, too?

Ariel: Yes…. Duvan has obtained a new power, and he’s trying to get the Persön’s core for himself.

Eric: …Do you think he’s realized it?

Ariel: No… Not yet.

Eric: I see… Have you told anyone else?

Ariel: …I don’t want any of them to worry.

Eric: Are you… Are you okay with it?

Ariel: I’m managing for now…. So could you please keep it a secret?

Eric: Hmm… Well, if you say so.

Axel: Long time no see, Eric.

Eric: So we meet again. Seems we share a strange destiny.

Axel: You can say that again.

Eric: If you’re here, does that mean Alfimi’s here, too?

Axel: No…. She’s off somewhere resting.

Eric: Ohoho…. Sleeping beauty needs her shining prince, eh?

Axel: I’m not sure what you mean…. But Alfimi will probably come when she’s ready.

Eric: As long as Duvan doesn’t capture her.

Axel: She doesn’t look it, but she’s a crafty one. We don’t need to worry about that.

Eric: So you’re thinking of her, then. How sweet.

Cliff: …Professor Wong, I’m Clifford Gygax.

Eric: Oh, hello.

Clifford: Thanks for building the NV Units just as the plans specified.

Eric: That’s what Felio asked of me.

Josh: Um, how did you and my dad meet?

Eric: He was like a student to me. So I couldn’t turn down his request.

Josh: …What did he say?

Eric: Basically what you saw in the video. But the bit where he said you were the only ones to bring out the real potential of the NV units was a secret.

Josh: I see….

Eric: He was probably worried about you. That’s why he made that video. You should at least appreciate that.

Josh: …It’s hard to put what I’m feeling into words.


Eric: Hmm… In any case, the Geant Aile and the Excelsio Ars Nova… I’m giving them to you along with the Forte Gigas.

Clifford: You actually created that as well?!

Eric: Hahaha, Just a present for you all. It’s what you call a “Hidden Unit”.[1]

Cliff: So it’s the Super Robot Type Unit Cliff was talking about…

Eric: Yup. The Ganador and the Strega units transform with a woosh, then combine with a ka-chunk, and become the Forte Gigas. Of course, the Ganador and the Strega are compatible with the Sympathia and the Res Arcana.

Josh: Then the Forte Gigas has 2 Res Arcanas on it…

Eric: Yes, it’s able to produce a tremendous amount of power…. But there’s a problem.

Josh: What is it?

Eric: You have to remove the Sympathia and the Res Arcana from the Aile Chevalier and the Blanche Neige first. Those two units… Well, I guess now with the Weapon Box Hangar they’re the Geant Chevalier and the Dea Blanche Neige… Anyway, you can’t use them at the same time you use the Forte Gigas.

Josh: So if we put a different engine…

Eric: You can try, but it won’t be enough power to make it run. The only way to make it go is with the Res Arcana and the Sympathia. So either you and Rim are aboard your own units… Or you’re both in the Forte Gigas. You gotta decide one way or the other.

Josh: I understand.

Eric: Also, you shouldn’t separate the Forte Gigas’s machines, but keep it together. That way it’s more powerful. Though it’s not like separating is completely forbidden. If the situation calls for it, the Ganador and the Strega could be used separately.

Josh: Okay, I’ll remember that.

Clifford: Josh… After we finish loading up the machines, I want to talk to you about something.


Eric: Hmm… In any case, I’m going to give you the Geant Aile and the Excelsio Ars Nova. They’ll help you stop the Ruina.

Josh: …Okay.

Clifford: Josh, I need to talk to you about something.

*Back to both*

Josh: …About Glacies and Ventus?

Clifford: That’s right. And I think Major Kai will want to hear it, as well.

Josh: But Rim…

Clifford: I know what you want to say. I’ll tell her.

Josh: …Sorry. (I don’t care if this affects me… But Rim…. For Chris and Riana…)


Kai: Hmm…. This is serious.

Aya: The resonance has gotten stronger, then…

Josh: I… I understand everything about her. As if she’s another me. She’s troubled and embarrassed…. At having me… At having someone connect with her. And she knows that everything she’s created about herself will soon be gone… But she’s not scared of that. She just thinks it will happen….

Rim: Ventus…. He changes peoples’ negative energy into the power needed to awaken the Lord of Ruin. After his duty is fulfilled, he’ll vanish…. And that’s what he wishes for….

Rishu: I can see how sad you two are. For knowing their fates.

Josh: …!

Rishu: What’s wrong?

Josh: That’s…. No, this is…

Rishu: I don’t care. Say it.

Excellen: Just let it all out.

Clifford: …Josh.

Josh: Fine…. Glacies has an incomplete soul, and is cursed in life and death by the Lord of Ruin… But, I can’t shake this feeling. I don’t want her to disappear.

Aya: Huh?

Josh: I want to save her… Why? Why do I feel this…?

Rishu: So you were feeling more than just sadness.

Josh: She’s a Melior Esse…. She’s trying to lead this world into ruin… So why…. Am I…

Rishu: It could be… because she’s asking for her life.

Josh: But she’s not afraid of disappearing….

Rishu: If that’s the case… then she can’t let herself waste away before the Lord of Ruin is awoken. Even if she thinks it’s fine that she disappears one day, it’s not like she won’t resist or protect herself.

Josh: ….

Rishu: People who live to fight, and people who fight to live… The intersection of wills between those who must continue their existence until they fulfill their duties…. It’s probably what’s making you feel that way.

Josh: …What does this mean?

Excellen: Having you rescue her is a way to save her life.

Josh: !

Rishu: That’s right. In her subconscious, she’s looking for some way to live from what you have inside of you.

Josh: Inside… of me…

Rim: (Is Ventus doing the same…?)

Kai: But we don’t know what will happen if your resonance with the Melior Esse continues to grow stronger. Doctor Cliff, is it possible to cut off the Sympathia at certain times?

Clifford: It’s possible to set up a system like that…. But the machines will be substantially harder to operate, and in the worst case scenario, they’ll be impossible to control.

Kai: It’d be worse still to have their minds broken. Look into it.

Clifford: Understood.

*In a room*

 Josh: Cliff, was what you were talking about true?

Cliff: It is, but I’ll only install it if there’s no alternatives.

Josh: So there’s risks with having the Sympathia cut in the middle of operation….

Clifford: To have a controllable on/off switch, the FCS and all the functions will have to be overhauled. It’ll take a long time.

Josh: But I think… I think I need to have the Sympathia to fight against the Ruina. Unless we have something better.

Clifford: What about Rim? She’s not like you…

Rim: Hey, Cliff…. To say our duty is to understand human emotions… That’s saying we’re not humans, isn’t it?

Cliff: Riana…

Rim: He said before, that whichever of us was…

Clifford: I said no to that.

Josh: That’s right. I don’t care which one of you was the original.

Rim: I know…

Rim: (Riana…)

Rim: (Chris… I have the feeling that Ventus is waiting for us… So we’ll definitely meet him again…)

Rim: (Y-yeah, that’s true…)


Gilliam: Commander Lefina, I’m afraid we couldn’t find the information we needed from inside the Bunker 8.

Lefina: I see….

Eric: Well, the most important stuff in Bunker 8 were the NV Units… and myself, of course. Hohoho.

Lefina: Professor Wong… Is it alright to have you come with us?

Eric: Of course. The Gaia Sabers would probably do something awful to me if I went back. This is good timing. I can offer you some information, but I don’t know anything about projects or divisions I wasn’t involved with. Don’t expect too much.

Gilliam: Even just a bit of information about the Tsentr Project would be helpful. I hope we can discuss it later.

Eric: Sure.

Lefina: Well then… Let’s return to Iti Iti Island.


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[1] Reeeaaallly subtle there.