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*grand Christmas*

Nibhal: The Steel Dragons have ambushed Bunker 8 and stolen the NV units.

Alteur: Hmm… So they finally made a move. It appears putting our test weapons in a few different places backfired.

Nibhal: It was a bold move for them to make, considering what they’re up against right now.

Alteur: They probably have someone helping them. And I can guess who.

Nibhal:  I’ve also discovered that Professor Eric Wong has gone missing. I believe it’s possible he was captured by the Steel Dragons…. But if he left by his own accord, then it’s likely that he was the one that leaked the information about the NV units.

Alteur: He always was a man who couldn’t think more than 2 steps ahead… Well, fine then. With the Steel Dragons taking those units, they can deal with the Ruina for us.

Nibhal: Yes…. I’ve received reports that 3 Melior Esse units appeared at Bunker 8.

Alteur: They’re quite quick. And…. Did the Steel Dragons overcome them?

Alteur: Yes, sir. And afterwards, they shook off our pursuit and we lost them. But we have a general idea of where they are.

Alteur: I see… Well then, which Saber shall we send….

Nibhal: Professor Toumine and Duvan have both asked for permission to sortie many times.

Alteur: I understand why Toumine wants to…. But why Duvan?

Nibhal: He wants the Einst core. I believe he wishes to draw the Red Ogre out by using the Steel Dragons.

Alteur: Aah… I did hear something like that from Almara. Does he think he can escape his fate with it?

Nibhal: He shouldn’t be aware of that yet….

Alteur: If he’s after the Red Ogre, he could have a change of heart. Let’s go with the Deltas.

Nibhal: But since Jinrai has been captured, they’ve suffered a great loss in firepower. With only the mass produced units…

Alteur: I don’t care. Maybe it’ll be good to send a jobber.

Nibhal: …. Understood, sir.


Duvan: What? You’re sending the Deltas?

Nibhal: Yes, as Commander Alteur ordered.

Kaoru: Thank you for giving me this chance to redeem myself.

Duvan: Do you plan on taking back Jinrai?  They’ve probably modified it so they can use it by now.

Kaoru: It’s possible… but it isn’t that simple.

Duvan: Hmmph. You’re unreliable. Let me speak directly to the commander.

Almara: …Stop it, Duvan Org.

Duvan: Almara…

Almara: Lord Alteur is busy. He doesn’t have the time to listen to your whining.

Duvan: Whining? No, it’s just that my forces have a better strategy for winning than Delta.

Almara: You’re really just antsy because you haven’t found the Red Ogre yet, right? Or are you still pining for Ariel?

Duvan: What did you say?

Almara: You’ve been ordered to stand down. By the Omega Saber, the highest level of Saber…. Or are you saying the lower Alpha can disobey that order?

Duvan: Hmmph. I heard that this high-and-mighty Omega was taken out by that newly-transformed raven. Along with Egretta.

Almara: …!

Duvan: If I can get the Einst core in my Ares, then no matter what the Steel Dragons throw at me, I’ll crush them.

Almara: (Hmmph. Even if you do get what you seek, it won’t change your fate….)

*Elsewhere still*

Mitarl: …What was the reason AI1 threw those errors?? It seems like the Lazumunanium was reacting abnormally, too.

Erde: I’ve removed AI1 from the Medius and I’m investigating.

Mitarl: If the source of the problem is the TE Absorber parts or the Terminus Engine you took, then this could be serious. So as I said before, you will have a pilot board the model X, and install AI0 in it. This has been decided.

Erde: …!

Mitarl: Commander Alteur agrees with me.

Erde: …AI0 can’t use the Lazumunanium to its full potential.

Mitarl: Certainly, its ability to self-repair will diminish, but in return, it has firepower. Even without AI1, it could become the strongest TE Absorber. After all, you can’t communicate with AI1, so it’s hard for the pilot to interface with it.

Erde: I don’t want a child who will talk back to his mother.

Mitarl: It’s because you think of it like your child that you can’t be objective about this.

Erde: …. What will we do about the pilots for units 8, 9 and 10?

Mitarl: Until we find someone suitable for 8 and 9, we’ll give you 10 to test. In light of your continued successes up to this point.

Erde: For testing….

Mitarl: And I’m thinking the pilot for Model X should be Duvan Org. After the loss of Professor Ozuma, and the suspension of Project Idealants, there’s been plenty of problems with the Ares Geist.

Erde: He seems particularly attached to the Ares, though…

Mitarl: It’s not like we’re asking him to abandon it. And besides, after he sees what the Model X can do, I’m sure he’ll be interested in it.

Erde: (At this rate, my baby will…. I have to do something…)

Mitarl: …That’s all. Go back to investigating AI1.

Erde: Yes, sir….


Erde: (When A1 was fighting her, it looked like it was hesitating…. Could…. No, it couldn’t be that. I scanned it after that. AI1, what did you feel? Is this part of your evolution…?)


Touma: Haaa…. 297, 298, 299… 300!

Irui: Good job, Touma.

Touma: Haaa…. I did it! 300 crunches! I’ve reached my goal!

Irui: Here’s your towel.

Touma: Thanks, Irui. …Sorry I made you help me.

Irui: No, it’s fine…. But why are you doing such intense training?

Touma: Well.... It’s a bit of a long story. But it’s time. Let’s go to the Hangar.


Touma: How did it go?

Robert: Oh, you’re here.

Minaki: We’ve finished the work on the exterior. All that’s left are the final adjustments on the LIOH System.

Touma: It’s finally complete… I like the white paint for the machine. It really changes Jinrai’s feel.

Robert: Speaking of, we’ve re-appropriated the RAM Mantle that was ripped up.

Touma: It looks cool as a scarf. So can it move?

Robert: Yeah. After Major Sanger gets back, we’re planning on starting the movement tests. He’s the person with the most experience with the DML system and the Double Gs, after all…. He’ll help give us the groundwork for collecting data.

Touma: I see… By the way, Minaki, have you thought up a new name?

Minaki: No, not yet….

Robert: I’ve got an idea. How about Raijin?

Touma: …It’s just Jinrai but backwards.

Marion: You can’t really call that a new name.

Robert: Well, because Jinrai was on their side, and now he’s on our side, it’s like a mirror…. So it’s backwards, right? And he uses a Plasma Combater, so…

Marion: You’re just making it worse.

Touma: Actually, I had an idea for its new name…

Minaki: Please, let me hear it.

Touma: Since it uses the LIOH System, I was thinking of RaiOu. Like Raijin, the god of thunder[1], and Hou-Ou, the Chinese phoenix.

Robert: RaiOu, eh? …It’s a bit plain.

Marion: Isn’t it better to be simple?

Robert: It’s just… Not that deep of a name.

Minaki: Touma, the Ou character in Hou-Ou refers to female phoenixes, you know.

Touma: Whaaaat?! Really?

Minaki: Yup, the Hou character is the male version.

Touma: So then with the Hou… It’s RaiHou. But you could still read it as RaiOu.

Minaki: RaiOu…. I like it.

Touma: Then it’s settled. From today, he’s not Jinrai, he’s RaiOu.


Minaki: !!

Robert: We’re being attacked?!

Marion: Let’s ask.

Touma: (The Steel Dragons aren’t back yet….!)

Minaki: How did they know about this base…?

Robert: They couldn’t have…

Minaki: This rumbling….!!

Robert: An explosion from above?!

Touma: …!

Minaki: Touma!?



GS captain: We’ve stopped shooting. Any responses?

Operator: Not yet. Is it another miss?

GS captain: Hmm… This’d be a breeze if we could use our MAP weapons…

Operator: Seriously. Why can’t we open with those?

GS Captain: It seems the Delta Sabers need a win pretty badly, so they don’t want us to end it too quickly.

Operator: I’m pretty tired of drawing the short stick, here.

GS Captain: Then let’s just drop the package. The best part about using them is they don’t complain, no matter what happens.


GS Captain:  They’ve got the best chance of making this a win. …Let’s get out of here.


Operator: Target Alpha just dropped 12 mass produced Jinrai!

Kurt: They’re a troublesome bunch… And they’re right above the secret entrance….!

Operator: At this rate, they’ll find the base….!

Kurt: If only we could do something…


Operator: They’re attacking the area! Th-the hidden elevator is exposed!

Kurt: Damn! There’s no use, we have to send out what we have! How long till the Steel Dragons get back?!

Operator: At their current course, 20 minutes!

Kurt: We have to hold out until then….


Operator: Captain Kurt, We’ve got a message from Touma Kanou! He’s in the repaired Jinrai!

Kurt: What?!

Touma: This is Touma Kanou! Please send me out with RaiOu!

Kurt: RaiOu?

Touma: It’s Jinrai’s new name! I might be able to hold the mass produced Jinrai off with him!

Kurt: But we can’t send a rookie like you out in it!

Touma: I’ve got experience with AM Battling! At this rate we’re done for! Please!

Kurt; (Desperate times call for desperate measures…)

Minaki: Captain, that’s reckless! The LIOH System is still being worked on! Even if he can move the unit, fighting in it is…!

Touma: I just need to hold out until the Steel Dragons return…. Please, Minaki… I want to protect you until they come back!

Minaki: T-Touma….

Touma: I know it’s reckless, but if someone doesn’t go out, we’ll be done for!

Kurt: …Understood. It might be difficult for a rookie like you, but please hold them off. But don’t go overboard.

Touma: Got it!

Kurt: Send out RaiOu! Raise the lift! Open the hatch!


Touma: Please, RaiOu! Move!

Minaki: Touma!

Touma: With the DML system, I can at least do something! My karate isn’t just for show!

Minaki: But without the LIOH System!

Lioh: Pilot Data not registered. Stopping start-up sequence.

Touma: What are you talking about?! I’m the pilot! Register me!

Lioh: Commencing vital scan of pilot.

Touma: Wh-what? My head… Uwaaaaaaah!

Minaki: !!

Robert: T-Touma?!

Minaki: Th-this data… The LIOH System is looking at Touma’s biological functions…?! Th-that’s… impossible! The system can’t do that on its own! Shut it down!


Minaki: ! I can’t access it?!

Lioh: Scan complete. System authorization registered. Restarting boot up sequence in Emergency Mode.


Touma: K-kuhh…..!

Minaki: Touma!

Touma: I-I’m fine, Minaki… I can do this!

Minaki: (That’s…. If the person doesn’t have the necessary skills and physical ability for LIOH, it shouldn’t allow them to register…He hasn’t been trained, and he doesn’t have the knowledge to use the system, so why has it registered Touma…?

Lioh: Refining vital data. Selecting basic battle sequence. Short range Fighter. Assisting.

Touma: What?! The harness is moving by itself?!

Lioh: Displaying AMP Data.

Touma: This is…. Harken Impulse…. Counter Break…. These are attacks! Are you helping me, RaiOu?!

Lioh: LIOH System, boosting.


Touma: Yeaaaah……! My body…. Is filling with power!

Minaki: !!

Touma: It’s burning… It’s hot! This is your power, RaiOu?! You’ve given it to me!

Minaki: (The LIOH System is synching with him… That’s…!)

Kurt: It looks like the Mass Produced Jinrai aren’t targeting the RaiOu…

Minaki: D-do they mean to take it back?!

Kurt: Touma, can you hear me? Lead the Mass Produced Jinrai away from Iti Iti Island! I’ll send you the course!

Touma: Got it!


Touma: Come at me, bros!  [2]

Minaki: Captain Kurt….!

Kurt: Do you think I’m cruel?

Minaki: …

Kurt: I was asked to protect this base by Ratsel.

Minaki: I…understand that…

Kurt: …Send a message to the Steel Dragons. If he follows the course I gave him, he should meet up with them soon.

Minaki: …!

Kurt: I’m going out in the Kurogane to go after that Stork from before!

Chapter 49: Fighting Spirit Ablaze


Touma: Damn, they’re still following me! If that’s the way it is…! Let’s go, RaiOu! Show me your power!

Chapter 49: Fighting Spirit Ablaze

Victory: Shoot down all enemies

Defeat: Touma is shot down

SR point: Within 3 turns, defeat 4 or more Mass Produced Jinrai with Touma.

Touma: (Can I do this…? No, I can’t run away! I decided! This is what I want to do! So I’ll….!) Let’s go, RaiOu! I’ll give my all to you!

*kill one*

Touma: That’s one! Let’s go!

*Kill 2*

Touma: That’s two! Keep it up, RaiOu!

*kill 3*

Touma: The third! I’m… I’m heating up!

*kill 4*

Touma: That’s 4…. Uh….ughh…?! Uuuuh….. What, my body….?!

Touma: Th-this reading’s….!

*oh sup*

Ratsel: Touma, are you alright?

Touma: Y-yeah, somehow…

Raul: The DML system lets you move it that easily, without any training?

Lune: For just movement, sure. But if you try to fight without the proper adjustments, it takes a real toll on your body.

Touma: I… I’m fine… I think. I’ve been able to fight a few of the mass produced units.

Lune: But if you’re not tough enough, you’ll get shaken up by the machine, and from that…

Kouta: He’s not quite at the level of Lune or Arado, but maybe he’s just a pretty sturdy guy?

Touma: It’s probably because I’ve taken on so many jobs in my time.

Kai: …Touma, you should fall back.

Touma: No, I’m going to fight! I want to help out with this RaiOu! With the earth in this crisis….

Kai: Don’t get cocky, kid!

Touma: Waaah!

Kai: People who get a big head just cause they won one round die damn quick! We’ll take care of the rest, so fall back!

Touma: O-okay…

*Away he goes*

Kai: Okay. Erebus 1 to all units! Defeat the Mass Produced Jinrai!

Defeat: Sanger or Ratsel are shot down, an Allied Mothership is shot down

*Kill them all*

Eita: All Mass Produced Jinrai have been shot down!

Tetsuya: Okay, keep everyone on alert.

Touma: (It’s over…. Minaki… This machine will have the power you want it to…. And it will fight to protect the earth…. fight….)

Raul: Touma, are you okay?


Raul: What’s going on?

Kouta: it was his first battle. Maybe he passed out?

Fiona: We should probably let him rest.

Raul: O-okay.

Ratsel: …So the mass produced Jinrai showed up again.

Sanger: It’s the fruits of his obsession.


Sanger: Hmm?

Ratsel: What…?!

Lioh: Targets confirmed, DGG1, DGG2. LIOH System, commencing Berserk mode.


Raul: !!

Mio: Wh-what?!


Sanger: Nnngh!

Ratsel: He shot us?!

Shoko: What’s wrong, Touma?!



Eun: R-RaiOu is shooting us!

Lefina: Make contact with the pilot!

Sean: …. Doesn’t look like he’s in a talking mood.

Masaki: Hey! What the hell’s going on here?!

Lamia: It’s most likely not Touma…. The source is RaiOu itself.

Rahda: Is the system overriding his consciousness….?!

Shine: Th-then that’s just like the GEIM System….?!


Axel: Damn, He’s firing everywhere!

Josh: How can we stop him?!

Irm: The only thing we can do is to snap him out of it by force.

Rishu: We need to be quick about it, too. He won’t last long in that condition.


Sanger: Touma, Don’t let the system control you! Get a hold of yourself!

Ratsel; Guardian 2 to all units! Surround RaiOu and stop him from moving!

Victory: Surround RaiOu on all 4 sides, and lower his HP to below 3000.

Defeat: RaiOu is shot down, Sanger or Ratsel are shot down, an allied mothership is shot down.


Eita: He’s surrounded!

Tetsuya: Good! Now to make him unable to move!

*V kai*

Kai: Just like Ratsel and Gilliam predicted…!


Kai: I’m not letting you die, Touma! You’re gonna get one hell of a lecture after this!


Sanger: Touma! I will cleave this evil from you!


Ratsel: So Professor Toumine’s ill intent was lying dormant in the system!

*beat him up*

Eun: RaiOu has stopped moving!

Lefina: Have the Excellence Rescue save the pilot!  Have a med team ready at the forward deck!


Kai: How is Touma, Rahda?

Rahda: His life isn’t in danger, but due to the high stress in his nerves, I gave him some sedatives. He’s sleeping right now.

Minaki: …

Ratsel: Minaki… Did you know the LIOH System had that potential?

Minaki: N-no… You may not believe me, but that Berserk Mode is something I never…

Ratsel: So it was hidden in a black box then. By Professor Toumine….

Minaki: The LIOH System is supposed to scan the pilot’s physical abilities, recommend a battle style, and then after one is selected, support the pilot….

Sanger: So the machine merges with the pilot, and lets him fight more effectively…. Based on the motion data.

Minaki: Yes…. Since in Touma’s case there was no data to build on, he wasn’t able to make any changes to the weapon settings… The LIOH system arranged its internal weapons for close-ranged combat… that was the result of the analysis it did for the battle…. When Touma got in it, it compelled him to activate it… I wasn’t able to override the commands, and then that mode started up…

Kai: If it’s a system meant to push the pilot to their limits in an emergency, I can understand why it’s there… But to hide it from you, then assign it to target the DyGenGuard and the Aussenseiter… It seems like Professor Toumine’s obsession is still clinging to the RaiOu.

Minaki: …

Rahda: But since Jinrai had the ZLAI system installed in it, the Professor never intended humans to pilot it…. Why would the LIOH System have that kind of capability?

Ratsel: …I think it was insurance.

Sanger: What do you mean?

Ratsel: In the small chance that we capture it, or if it left his control… Like if other people in the Gaia Sabers took it from him… It would still try to target the DyGenGuard and the Aussenseiter. That kind of insurance.

Sanger: …

Kai: In any case, we need to talk with Commander Lefina about what to do about the RaiOu. In the worst case scenario, we may have to dismantle it. Minaki, prepare yourself for that possibility.

Minaki: Okay…. (I’m so sorry, Touma…. My father… No…. This is my fault….)

*Grand Christmas*

Kaoru: Th-this video…!

Nibhal: It’s the last thing the Mass Produced Jinrai sent us. It appears it was simple for them to fix and use it.

Kaoru: It’s impossible, how could they have….! (The only other person who could take out the ZLAI system and replace it with the LIOH system is Minaki…! D-don’t tell me, Minaki…. You’re…!)


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[2] Fuck you. I’m keeping this. YES FUTURE ME I MEAN YOU FUCK YOU KEEP THIS okay sheesh